Space Music: Puscifer Goes Electric on Remix Album

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Carina Round and Maynard James Keenan of Puscifer perform in 2016.. Jason Koerner/Getty Images
Carina Round and Maynard James Keenan of Puscifer perform in 2016.. Jason Koerner/Getty Images

I’m a long-time Tool fan, so I frequently explore the band members’ various side projects – including Maynard James Keenen’s Puscifer. Since its inception in 2007, Puscifer has resulted in numerous cool tracks, but it always felt like something of a creative catch-all -- especially in its earliest form. This incongruity combined with Keenen’s own eclectic taste in irrelevant comedy made Puscifer a bit of an acquired taste.

But Puscifer has evolved, taking on a more solidified sound with increased pairing of Maynard’s signature vocals with those of Carina Round. The 2015 release “Moneyshot” was the band’s best album to date, featuring such genre-defining tracks as Galileo (space music!), “The Arsonist” and “The Remedy.”

I normally don’t go all in on a remix album, but “Money Shot Your Re-Load” is a fantastic expansion on the original recordings, taking most of the tracks in a decidedly electronic direction. I’m particularly fond of “The Remedy (3 Kord Scissor King Remix).”

Tool bassist Justin Chancellor also provided a remix of “Superstition” that transfixes the listener with a vibe that feels like a sonic triangulation of Puscifer, Tool and the pop-electronic sounds of someone like The Faint.

So if you’ve passed on Puscifer in the past, I encourage you to give them another go with “Moneyshot” or its remix album. Keenen’s absurdist humor is still apparent in the packaging and promotion, and I can see where it might not be your cup of tea. But the music speaks for itself. You can buy the releases wherever you obtain your physical/digital music -- and you can stream them on Spotify right here.

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