Indian Astronomy and the Hindu Demon of Eclipse

If you witnessed this week’s lunar eclipse, then perhaps you did a little time traveling. What did ancient peoples make of such a cosmic spectacle? How did they attempt to understand a lunar or solar eclipse? One of my favorite

Monster of the Week: The Humanoid Vampire

When it comes to vampiric humanoids, we place far too much emphasis on viral infections and supernatural curses. Because at heart we have something far more fascinating: a humanoid sanguivore — and an obligate sanguivore at that, which is to

What can Asian eyes teach WEIRD populations?

Let’s talk about WEIRD populations. No, I’m not talking about your everyday weirdo on the street. I’m talking about western, educated, industrialized, rich, democratic (WEIRD) segments of the global population. The vast majority of our psychology and nonscientific understanding stems

Art Spotlight: Repin’s Tolstoy

I searched way too hard and long for an image to accompany our podcast episode “Rites of Spring,” which deals with the effects of springtime on the human experience and human health. In the end, I settled on 1912′s “Portrait

10 Horror VHS Boxes That Scarred Me For Life

Revisit the 90s video store horror section… Read more ›

2014 Webby Awards: Are we weird enough for you?

Are we weird enough for you? Hopefully so, because we’re nominated for a 2014 Webby Award in the weird category. You can vote for us right here — and I’m told you can vote for us once per day! Throw

Space Music: Siliconversion, Unit Black Flight

It’s high time for another Space Music update. First up, we have a brand new entry in The 2999 Project, an ongoing initiative from King Deluxe records to present dreams of a dawning 31st century through music, art and the

Art Spotlight: Penrose’s ‘Punishment of Loki’

Here at Stuff to Blow Your Mind, we believe in using every part of the image download. So I’d like to share “The Punishment of Loki,” a 1912 painting by Irish artist James Doyle Penrose. As it turns out I

Creatures of fire...(fotokostic/iStock)
Monster of the Week: The Fire-Breathing Dragon

Dragons, as a whole, are too much for a single Monster of the Week post. As creatures of the unatural world, they’re simply too numerous and varied. There’s the cosmic dragon Ahi of Vedic mythology, the blue Qing Long dragon

Artatomical: Cheselden’s Praying Dead

William Cheselden (1688-1752) is something of a surgical legend. The Englishman performed the first known (complete) surgical cure for blindness and transformed bladder stone removal from an hour-long bit of butchery into a fast procedure with a 50 percent mortality

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