Monster of the Week: The Devil’s Backside

We’ve covered demons here before on Monster of the Week, but never the Devil himself. In keeping with this week’s episode on Satanic Panic, I thought we should change that. The physical manifestations of the horned one are too many

That Time Geraldo Exposed Satan’s Underground…

In our podcast episode “Satanic Panic,” guest-host Christian Sager and I explore the Satanism-fueled moral panic of the 1980s and 90s. We deal a good bit with the cultural kindling underlying the panic, as well as how popular media fanned

Satanic Panic Mini-Gallery

Take a visual tour through the culture of Satanic Panic… Read more ›

Artatomical: ‘The Physician Curing Fantasy’

Here we see a satirical illustration entitled ‘The Physician Curing Fantasy’ by Mathaus Greuter (1564–1638) satirizing the modern medical treatments of the late 1590s or early 1600s. At left, we see a doctor pouring liquid through a funnel into a

Mini-Gallery: Zoo Atlanta’s Slimy Scaly Spectacular

A handful of photos from Zoo Atlanta’s brand new Slimy Scaly Spectacular reptile and amphibian house…Read more ›

Artatomical: The Demons of Tooth Decay

We’ve already looked at 19th century Persian vision of the dragon of tooth aches, so I simply had to share this woodcut of demons causing tooth decay. The date is unknown, but Corbis Images alleges that the photo itself —

Art Spotlight: Ryckaert’s Demons

If you’ve noticed reduced blog content around her lately, that’s because I’ve decided to refocus some of that time and energy towards writing articles for For instance, I just finished up “What’s the largest snake that has ever existed?”

Artatomical: Wiertz’s Premature Burial

Here’s a wonderful artatomical work for your Tuesday: ‘L’Inhumation Precipitee‘ or ‘The Premature Burial’ by Belgian artist Antoine Wiertz (1806 – 1865). Despite its Gothic, perhaps even Poe-inspired horror, the 1854 piece is actually rooted in the natural world rather

Art Spotlight: The Soul of Judas

I chose a rather beautiful, uplifting image to accompany today’s podcast episode “How much does a soul weigh?” But of course the notion of an immortal soul isn’t always puffy clouds and sunsets. Just consider this 15th-century fresco by Giovanni

Does thinking about God result in risk-taking?

Above we see unfinished sculptures of the Hindu god Ganesha, patron of arts and sciences — as well as the revered “remover of obstacles.” So if you’re even a partial-believer, you want Big G on your side — but how

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