Gozer’s No Match for Humanity’s Aphantasiacs

If you listened to our podcast episode “Aphantasia: Blindness of the Mind’s Eye,” then you’re familiar with this fascinating condition that renders 2.1 to 2.7 percent of the population incapable (to varying degrees) of forming mental images. Of course, that

Space Music: Gazelle Twin, Roly Porter

Let’s kick off the week with some Space Music, checking in on the latest from two past favorites. Gazelle Twin has a new release out in the form of “Out of Body,” a kind of darker, ambient extension of her

Your Acid Video Supplement Post

Our latest podcast episode “The Quest for Hollywood Acid” references a number of chemistry experiment videos and pop-culture acid scenes. Rather than send you all over the place to see them, we thought we’d drop them all in a single

This Photo: Elder God Eyes or Air Turbulence?

This image has a way of staring into your very soul. Are these the eyes of an extradimensional elder god? Is a Spacing Guild navigator piloting his highliner toward our planet? Actually, what you’re looking at here is  a 1955

Monster of the Week: Goro the Shokan

Having previously explored the anatomy of Outworld’s blade-sprouting Tarkatans, we now turn our attention now to the brutal Shokans. These four-armed humanoids rule the kingdom of Kuatan, occasionally venturing out to tear mortal combatants limb from limb. While you’ve likely

5 Mind-Blowing Ideas for DC’s ‘Cyborg’ Movie

One of the popular tropes of superhero fiction is that the characters are better, faster and stronger than mere humans. DC Comics character Cyborg is no different, with technological enhancements that set him above and beyond our standards. He’s scheduled

Space Music: ‘Massive Chalice’ by Trifon & White

I don’t feature video game music much here on Space Music, but there’s a lot of great stuff out there, from Amon Tobin’s work on “Splinter Cell” and “Infamous” to Akira Yamaoka’s superbly-uncanny work on the “Silent Hill” Franchise. It’s a

Space Music: Outside Context Solution

We began our recent podcast episode on cargo cults with a discussion of “outside context problems,” the late Iain M. Banks‘ term for a culture’s often-disastrous encounter with an unforeseeable and perhaps unsolvable problem — such as a technologically-superior civilization

Who can know the mind of a corvid? | Image credit: Sabrina Bekeschus Monteiro / EyeEm / Getty Images
Avian Intellects: Interview with Dr. Onur Güntürkün

In our recent podcast episode “The Unsettling Depths of Bird Intelligence,” Robert and I discussed the mounting evidence that birds — especially parrots and corvids — are much smarter than previously thought. In some cases, they appear to display intelligent

Art Spotlight: Huginn and Muninn

Here we see a 1900 Valentine Cameron Prinsep illustration of Odin, the Norse god of war and king of the gods, accompanied by his raven companions Huginn and Muninn. As Joe and I discuss in the podcast episode “The Unsettling Depths

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