Art Spotlight: Dante and Virgil in Hell

Here we see Dante and Virgil in Hell. As they observe the suffering of the wrathful, they too are observed by a demon of the Malebranche. This would appear to be a scene from Canto VII, in which our Infernonauts

Top 10 Mindblowers: Nudity

Behold the science of human nudity… Read more ›

Retrofuturist Flashback: Clothing of the Future!

Let’s take another look at the future via the past. This time it’s the fashions of the year 2000 as envisioned in 1939. “What will Eve look like in AD 2000?” Well, according to the fashion designers behind this short,

Artatomical: Rembrandt’s Anatomy Lessons

No survey of anatomical art is complete without a visit to the work of Dutch master Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606 – 1669). Above we see his 1656 painting “‘The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Jan Deijman,” in which the good

Cosmic Canvas: Alexey Arkhipovich Leonov

Space paintings by a man who has actually been there… Read more ›

Monster of the Week: The Creeper

Should you chance to glimpse the Creeper, you’ll likely focus on the human aspects of its physiology. While the creature’s skin boasts a decidedly reptilian appearance, the creature’s arms, legs, torso and head are essentially humanoid in nature. Throw on

Art Spotlight: One Nation Under Cthulhu

It’s July 4th here in the United States. Everywhere else it’s just another Friday. In the past I’ve blogged about turning to America’s lunar glory for a patriotic booster, especially when current events kick you hard in the stars and

Monster of the Week: Barakra the Tarkatan

The Outworld Tarkatans are a truly brutal species. The end-product of their hellish evolution is a bipedal slashing machine, complete with razor-sharp teeth, spikes and a pair of retractable blades extending from each forearm. An exceedingly warlike organism, the Tarkatans

What’s the best elevator scene ever?

If you haven’t checked it out already, Julie’s “Information Elevator” series is out and it’s as quirky and fun as it is informative. I’ve also included one of the episodes at the bottom of this post. The basic concept spins

Tibetans thrive in thin air due to interspecies sex?

I’m not referring to anything scandalous here, but rather the sort of interbreeding that occurred between prehistoric Homo sapiens and their hominid cousins. We may have murdered, out-competed and potentially eaten neanderthals, but we also mated with them to produce

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