Monster of the Week: Calibos & his Giant Scorpions

This week’s podcast episodes concern the nature of tails, so I thought we’d explore one of cinema’s finest tailed monsters: Calibos from 1981′s “Clash of the Titans.” As you probably recall, Calibos was the the son of Thetis, goddess of

Isis, Osiris and Functional Necrophilia

In our latest podcast episode “The Science of Necrophilia,” we focus in large part on necrophilia among animals and the psychological complexities of human necrophilia. We did not, however, dive much into the topic’s mythic depths. For humans, the notion

10 Types of Necrophilia

This published system of classification distinguishes between the many variations of necrophilic mental disorders. Read more ›

Higher Human Forms: Cut my Arms into Wings

When it comes to transformation, winged flight remains the ultimate higher human form. For untold ages, we’ve gazed up from our earthly prison at soaring birds and longed for that sort of freedom. In our myth-making, we’ve portrayed supernatural beings

Space Music: The Black Dog, Heinrich Dressel

I believe I’ve only mentioned The Black Dog in passing here, but the long-running UK electronic act certainly deserves mention here. They’ve been active a good quarter century at this point, helping to pioneer the sound of 90s IDM and

Art Spotlight: Böcklin’s ‘The Plague’

I’ve covered the work of Arnold Böcklin here before, most notably his “Self-portrait with Death Playing the Fiddle” and “Isle of the Dead.” Both works meditate on the intimacy of death and the crushing frailty of mortality — a common

NOVA’s ‘Secret of the Wild Child’

Christian and I are currently preparing a podcast episode on feral children — and it’s one of the more depressing-yet-enthralling topics I’ve researched in my 5+ years of science podcasting. Forget tales of jungle boys and talking animals, because it’s

Higher Human Forms: The Self-Mummifying Monk

Humans have long sought heavenly reward through death, from Valhalla-bound Vikings and Islamic Shahids to Christian martyrs and Heaven’s Gate cultists. Yet no other model of ritualized self-destruction rivals the Sokushinbutsu of Japan, who engaged in a process of ascetic

Space Music: Roly Porter, Tleilaxu and Dune Music

I’m well into my re-read of Frank Herbert’s “Dune” for its 50th anniversary, so I thought I’d highlight some Space Music that helps me immerse myself in the universe. Forget the official film scores, because our trajectory to the planet

Top 10 Mind-Blowers: Human Butts

Let’s explore the science and psychology of butts… Read more ›

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