Futuristic Fashions that Never Came to Fruition

Fashion looks to the future, but that doesn’t mean it always hits the mark… Read more ›

Retrofuturist Flashback: Desk Job of the Future!

Let’s enjoy another vision of the future via the past. This time we have a futuristic office composed of a typewriter, television screens, video recorder and a photocopier from an 1969 exhibition in Hanover, Germany. 04/25/1969. We only wish office

Too Sweet: Where Hinduism Meets Pro-Wrestling

Yoga and professional wrestling have an interesting relationship. A growing number of performers turn to yoga to help maintain their physical well-being — most of them gravitating towards the secularized DDP Yoga created by former grappler Diamond Dallas Page.  But

Monster of the Week: The Chippendale Mupp

In “Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book,” the good doctor takes us on a journey through the Kingdom of Sleep, introducing us to such fantastic sights as the Bumble-Tub Club dreamers and the Curious Crandalls. The long-tailed Chippendale Mupp, however, presents the

Space Music: The Spotify Playlist

I’ve been doing these Space Music posts for going on 6 years now, covering the odd intersection of space exploration and music, but mostly using it as a place to highlight the sort of experimental, electronic sounds that expand my

Space Music: Ecstatic Sole, Ataraxia

It’s a very busy week here at STBYM, but I always try to save room for some nutritious Space Music. First up, French electronic duo Christine just released their new EP “Ecstatic Sole” and it’s an invigorating electro release consisting

Cosmic Canvas: ‘Red Sunset on the Dnieper’

I’m playing a lot of catch-up after a week away form the office, but I wanted to go ahead and share this excellent painting by Ukrainian painter Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi (1842-1910). Titled “Red Sunset on the Dnieper,” the work depicts just

Dante: Poet of the Impossible

I enjoyed a little family vacation last week, and the drive gave me a chance to catch up on my own podcast listening. Believe it or not, I actually don’t listen to that many podcasts on a weekly basis. I

Space Music: Antoni Maiovvi’s ‘Avrokosm’

I’ve only mentioned Antoni Maiovvi in passing here, so I thought it appropriate to shine the Space Music spotlight on the British synth disco artist’s offerings, particularly his recent efforts in the cosmic and the uncanny. His 2014 album “Avrokosm”

Cosmic Canvas: Władysław T. Benda’s Earth

Here’s a wonderful slice of cosmic art for you: A 1918 charcoal illustration depicting the Earth with the Milky Way and moon by Polish American painter Władysław Theodore Benda (1873-1948). According to the Library of Congress, it was published in

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