Space Music: Monoton, Galactic Nightmare

As our sonic voyage through cosmos continues, let us first consider the deep, hypnotic soundscapes of Monoton. Monoton is the work of Austrian interdisciplinary communication researcher Karl Becker. For decades, he’s kept his hands busy in just about every aspect

Retrofuturist Flashback: Future Cops, 1886

What’s the future of law enforcement? Back in 1987, we envisioned the ultra-violent world of “RoboCop.” A century earlier, we imagined electric Bobbies. This, according to an 1886 edition of the British humor magazine Punch, is what a futuristic police

2015 Academy of Podcasters Awards Honors

We’re honored to have been voted the Best Science and Medicine podcast for 2015 at the 1st Academy of Podcasters Awards ceremony on Friday. Sadly, we couldn’t make it in person, but we sent this video thanking everyone who helped

Monster of the Week: The Thing

In a pair of disastrous 1982 incidents, humanity encountered a formless, aggregate organism from beyond our solar system known only as “the Thing.” Luckily, these incidents occurred in the inhospitable wastes of Antarctica, so we never had to learn what

Space Music: CZARFACE Dons the Hip Hop Armor

Somehow I missed out on CZARFACE’s 2013 debut self-titled album, but the release of 2015′s “Every Hero Needs a Villain” has really taken over my earbuds this week. CZARFACE consists of  Wu-Tang Clan member Inspectah Deck and underground hip hop

Study Sheds Light on Giant Snake Killing Style

So just how does a constricting snake dispatch its prey? A new study published in The Journal of Experimental Biology suggests our serpentine grapplers forgo both the choke hold and bear hug in favor of a a good old-fashioned sleeper

Retrofuturist Flashback: Venusian Cloud Colonies

We’re currently putting together an episode on architect/engineer R. Buckminster Fuller (1895 – 1983) and we can’t help but dream about such wonders as his Cloud 9 concept. This entailed an enormous floating geodesic sphere, held aloft in the air

Artatomical: The Glass Man

Today’s podcast episode examines the bizarre psychiatric condition known as “glass delusion,” so I thought it a great time to share this photo of the glass man sculpture from the International exhibition of 1937 in Paris, France. It’s essentially a

Monster of the Week: The Consult Skin Spy

The unnatural world undulates with monstrous deception. Every familiar face may well prove a clever mask for some unspeakable horror. The world of Eärwa, detailed in R. Scott Bakker’s excellent “Second Apocalypse” saga, is no exception to the rule.* The

7 Legendary Stigmatics

Meet some of the most famous stigmatics in history… Read more ›

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