Halloween Mixes To Combat Decision Fatigue III

I say it every year: Have pity on your Halloween party goers, coworkers and the hoards of trick-or-treaters who darken your door. Don’t cobble together your own rushed mix tape when you can instead benefit from professional DJ mixes and

Monster Science with Dr. Anton Jessup: Series II

Another series of Monster Science episodes has come to a close! If you missed Series I, then go back and check those out. But for now, venture down into the University basement via the aid of pirate transmissions and underground

Monster of the Week: Fluffy the Crate Dweller

My colleague Dr. Anton Jessup knows a thing or two about dangerous artifacts in university basements. He can tell you that crates from doomed Arctic exhibitions are probably best left alone. Who knows what monstrosities they contain? Why, monstrosities such

Cosmic Canvas: Mock Suns Over England

Here’s some cosmic canvas for your Monday: astronomical illustrator Charles F Blunt’s 1845 painting of parhelia observed in England back in 1698. Parhelia are known by a number of names (such as sun dogs, mock suns and phantom suns) and

5 Ways Space Can Drive You Insane

Venture into the madness of the yawning void… Read more ›

Art Spotlight: The Witches of Francisco Goya

As we’re sharing our witchcraft episodes “What’s in a witch’s brew?” and “Hammer of the Witches,” I thought we might stop to consider the exploration of witchcraft in the paintings of Spanish romantic painter Francisco Goya (1746 – 1828). At

A True Story of Mummies and European Ghouls

The ancient Egyptians were a very alien people in many ways. Even in their own time, the complexities of Egyptian cosmology failed to travel well. Modern minds have even more difficulty with it, but science fiction provides an interesting way

Monster of the Week: The Tall Man (‘Phantasm’)

At first glance, the Tall Man might not seem all that monstrous at all.  After all, he’s just an unnaturally tall mortician with a penchant for processing human corpses into undead slave labor. Live and let live, right? But the

Trigger Warnings, the Internet and Mass Hysteria

We recently published a podcast episode about trypophobia, an Internet meme-powered visceral reaction of unease or revulsion to clustered holes — particularly when Photoshopped onto the human body. Our cover art for the episode included just such an image, which

Monster of the Week: The Mordbid Wax Sculptor

Wax has always been a suspect medium. Here in the natural world, it has long played a crucial role in anatomical depictions of soft tissue and organs. From the Renaissance onward, mouleurs captured every detail of diseased flesh to serve

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