Art Spotlight: Beating the Ghost

Seeing as we just re-published our pineal gland episode, I thought it fitting to share this image from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of Da Gui, or “Beating the Ghost.” It’s more or less a ritual cleansing of evil spirits, carried out

Study Reveals the Physics of Latte and Beer Foam

You’ve been alive on this planet to know a thing or two about sloshed beverages: Sloshed sodas are sticky, sloshed beers are disgusting and sloshed coffee can give you hellacious third-degree burns. Sloshing sucks. It’s the enemy of responsible beverage

Why does marijuana give users the munchies?

Whether you’re a wake-in-bake aficionado or merely enjoy a good stoner comedy, you’ve probably come across the undeniable link between cannabis consumption and increased appetite for snacks. But do you know why it occurs? THC and the Brain Human civilization

Artatomical: Defeating Death with Hunt’s Remedy

As explored in “40 Faces of Death: A Grim Reaper Gallery,” humans are all about personifying mortality. We give it a form. We make it into an outside thing that happens to our bodies rather than something our bodies simply

Art Spotlight: Faustino Bocchi’s Dwarf Obsession

Dwarfs have long fascinated the artist. Just as dwarfism occurs in every human race, we find artistic depictions of dwarfs in every culture and time period. Some of the earliest works date back to ancient Egyptian culture, which venerated two

Monster of the Week: The Mushrooms of Matango

The islands of the South Pacific are home to countless natural wonders — as well as a few unnatural ones. Monster Island tends to grab most of the headlines with its rampaging kaiju, but the isle of Matango offers an

Was Saint Francis’ stigmata a symptom of disease?

As illustrated in the above painting, the holy stigmata is a seriously cosmic affair. We see Saint Francis of Assisi (1181 – 1226) on the slopes of Italy’s Mount La Verna, visited by a fiery vision of a crucified Christ

Cosmic Canvas: Akhenaten and the Aten

There’s something undeniably pure about the worship of a solar deity. For while the sun is hardly omnipotent, it is our planet’s predominant energy source. It may have 300 billion brothers and sisters in the Milky Way alone, but you’d

Study Dissects the Religious/Scientific Worldview

How do we balance our multiple and often-contradictory worldviews? How do we cobble together an understanding of the visible and invisible universe from the scientific, cultural, mythic and spiritual elements at our disposal? To quote the great, fictional Egg Shen,

How Inventive: The Skull Relief Poison Bottle

It’s an age-old conundrum: how to safely store your poisons without accidentally drinking them? You might argue that labels, child-resistant packaging and proper storage provide the answer, but Philadelphia’s Dr. William M Caterson had a different idea. Back in 1875,

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