Monster of the Week: The Blood Countess Báthory

We’ve covered quite a few blood drinkers here on Monster of the Week, but we’ve yet to cover that most curious form of sanguivore: the vampiric bather. Yes, these decadent vamps absorb the blood of their victims through their skin,

Cosmic Canvas: Galileo and Amalthea

Here’s a fun bit of Cosmic Canvas for you: a NASA illustration of the Galileo spacecraft passing the Jovian moon Amalthea — a “potato-shaped” body that’s likely a porous collection of ice and rubble rather than a solid moon. Either

Monster of the Week: The Sandworms of ‘Dune’

“Now they had a circular relationship: little maker to pre-spice mass; little maker to shai-hulud; shai-hulud to scatter the spice upon which fed microscopic creatures called sand plankton; the sand plankton, food for shai-hulud, growing, burrowing, becoming little makers.” -

Weird 1950s Slot Machine Anthropomorphism

Joe and I discuss the dangers of slot machine anthropomorphism quite a bit in our new podcast episode “One-Armed Bandits: The Science of Slot Machines,” so I simply had to highlight yet another example of classic, overt humanization of the

The Wonder of Comics: Hans Rickheit

Here’s what I see when I peruse through Hans Rickheit’s comics: creepy men with animal heads opening into new universes, bio-organic tumorous growth machines, balloons that hatch armadillos, trees fused with bicycles, musical instruments made from animal organs. Rickheit is

Space Music: DJ Food, Star Wars and Orbital TVs

First up, DJ Food unleashed an awesome “Star Wars” mix lasst week titled “The Tracks Go Off In This Direction…” and it features a full-blown AV component as well. Food has a post on the creation of the mix, but

Space Music: Himuro Yoshiteru, ‘It Follows’

I’ve featured the music of Himuro Yoshiteru here on Space Music before, so you might remember his distinctly organic take on electronic music. His tracks always feels like a walk through an alien forest — one in which odd bits

Don’t Humanize the Slot Machine

My Orange Catholic Bible* tells me “Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind,” and a new study from the Journal of Experimental Psychology warns the same thing about slot machines! As a 2015 study

Monster of the Week: Calibos & his Giant Scorpions

This week’s podcast episodes concern the nature of tails, so I thought we’d explore one of cinema’s finest tailed monsters: Calibos from 1981′s “Clash of the Titans.” As you probably recall, Calibos was the the son of Thetis, goddess of

Isis, Osiris and Functional Necrophilia

In our latest podcast episode “The Science of Necrophilia,” we focus in large part on necrophilia among animals and the psychological complexities of human necrophilia. We did not, however, dive much into the topic’s mythic depths. For humans, the notion

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