Space Music: ‘Telepath’ by Boards of Canada

I recently blogged about the microwave auditory effect, which allows us to transmit sounds or even simple words directly into the human skull. It’s a voice no one else can hear, except for those in the path of the beam.

Artatomical: Fritz Kahn’s Industrial Bodies

Behold the work of German Jewish physician and illustrator Fritz Kahn (1888-1968), a pioneer of the infographic and champion of the biochemical biology. Much of his work aimed to explain human physiology through the metaphor of everyday technology, but you

Phobia of the Week: V2K Anxiety

Internet forums and online support groups help guide us through life’s trails and tribulations — even the delusional ones. Just consider V2K (voice to skull) anxiety, the stress associated with the belief that government entities are beaming thoughts, messages or

10 Nonexistent Animals We Wish Were Real

You’ll only find these animals in the worlds of fantasy and fiction, but we so wish they were real… Read more ›

Sperm Kills in Lethal Cross-Species Worm Mating

What happens when another species’ sperm enters your body? For the most part, nothing. Copulation between distantly-related species produces nothing, while closer relatives may produce sterile or otherwise unfit offspring. But in most cases, another species’ sperm doesn’t cut through

Retrofuturist Flashback: Future Kitchen of 1999

Today let’s explore a 1967 vision of what the kitchen of the future might offer us in the year 1999! Prepare for Skype, microwaves, frozen foods conveyor belts and jazz, jazz, jazz! Let’s send Walter Cronkite in for a closer

Cosmic Canvas: ’2001: A Space Odyssey’ Poster

As I’ve mentioned before Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” is easily one of our favorite films here, so I thought I’d share this fantastic bit of promotional art for the 1968 sci-fi classic. It’s by noted space artist Robert

Monster of the Week: The Shunters of ‘Society’

High Society isn’t just another world. It’s another species entirely. Yes, as explored in Brain Yuzna’s 1989 documentary, things are not what they seem in the ivory towers of suburban America. Our social betters are actually a very ancient species

Artatomical: Joel-Peter Witkin’s ‘Harvest’

The vast majority of Joel-Peter Witkin’s photography exists beyond the scope of what I can share with you here. Born in 1939, the American photographer made a name for himself though the creation of dark tableaus and still lifes, often

Monster of the Week: ALF the Alien Life Form

Perhaps you don’t remember ALF. This extraterrestrial horror visited our planet in the late 1980s, first residing in the United States before fleeing to the security of German xeno-cultists. After a frenzied return to the states, the creature made a

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