Space Music: Mark Van Hoen, 3Teeth

We’re about to break for Thanksgiving here at STBYM, so how about a little Space Music? First up, electronic music veteran Mark Van Hoen just released his new album “Nightvision” on Saint Marie Records. If you’re not familiar with Hoen

Higher Human Forms: Bagel Heads

Body modifications don’t have to be permanent in order to make an impact. Just consider “bagel head” forehead augmentation: The subject receives a six-hour saline infusion (400 milliliters) to the forehead and a well-placed thumb creates the desired torus shape.

This Many-Eyed Mollusk Defends Under the Sea

Imagine what an advantage you would have if your body were covered in eyes. When we think of creatures with more than two eyes they tend to be monstrous and fictional. But new multi-eyed beings have been discovered… and as H.P.

Artatomical: The Human Heart, circa 1900

I featured this image once before in the gallery “Seven Anti-Valentine’s Day Hearts,” but the image is too potent not to spotlight here. What we see here is medical illustration of a human heart, notable for its ventricular wall rupture

Space Music: Pye Corner Audio’s ‘Prowler’

Is it too soon for another dose of “Space Music?” I think not, because Pye Corner Audio ((AKA Martin Jenkins) has a new LP scheduled to drop this Friday on More Than Human Records. Titled “Prowler,” it’s a seven-track journey

Space Music: DJ Food, Christine, Black Channels

Let’s have a little Space Music, shall we? First up, I’ve been rediscovering my love for Frank Herbert’s “Dune” saga this fall, yet somehow I missed this fabulous AV mix from musician DJ Food. The visuals were supplied by graphic

Higher Human Forms: Corpse of a Buddha

When we think of body modification, we tend to focus on living flesh. But given humanity’s obsession with mortality and subsequent treatment of the dead, it comes as no surprise that the human cadaver also serves as a focus of

Space Music: The Knick, Blanck Mass, Slowly Rising

Steven Soderbergh’s “The Knick” is back for its second season, so I’m currently in TV Heaven. The series is a delightfully non-period piece exploration of early-20th century medical science and American culture — and Cliff Martinez’s incredible electronic score is

It Existed: The Tranquilizing Chair

Given this week’s podcast episode “Sanity/Insanity: The Rosenhan Experiment,” I thought it fitting to examine a piece of mental health history in the form of the “tranquilizing chair,” an invention of Dr. Benjamin Rush (1745-1813), often cited as the father of

Monster of the Week: Catbus

Having just re-watched “My Neighbor Totoro” with my wife and son, I figured it a prime opportunity to explore the biology of that bizarre feline dodecahpede we call “catbus.” This magical mammal serves children and forest spirits as a sort

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