krampus2-feature Monster of the Week: The Krampus

I trust you’re familiar with the krampus: a species of alpine snow demon famous for its peculiar custom of terrifying, beating and kidnapping naughty children each and every December. Kids fear them, holiday-weary adults love them and at one point

grinch1-feature Monster of the Week: Of Grinch and Grendel

Whether contemplating the Grinch or Grendel, the scenario is much the same. Sure, one cave-dwelling monster haunts the Danish moors while the other lives within the microcosm of the Who Dust Speck. One tale ends in bloodshed, the other in

walkingdeadguts--feature Monster of the Week: The Odorous Zombie

The biology of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” can prove a tad confusing at times. Why do zombies eat? Why don’t they rot? Who shaved Rick’s neck in the hospital? As perplexing as these questions may be, most characters on the

monsterhusband-feature Monster of the Week: Husbands From Outer Space

If you’ve ever looked at your beloved partner as an inhuman entity from another world, then 1958′s “I Married a Monster From Outer Space” is required viewing. Marge (played by scream queen Gloria Talbott) marries her sweetheart Bill only to

thunder1-feature Monster of the Week: Thunder of the Three Storms

Venture into the domain of Lo Pan and you’ll encounter a netherworld of the darkest magic. Here the Ultimate Evil Spirit plots his reconquest of the physical universe — and he has more than a few minions at his command.

cratemonster3 Monster of the Week: Fluffy the Crate Dweller

My colleague Dr. Anton Jessup knows a thing or two about dangerous artifacts in university basements. He can tell you that crates from doomed Arctic exhibitions are probably best left alone. Who knows what monstrosities they contain? Why, monstrosities such

phantasm1-feature Monster of the Week: The Tall Man (‘Phantasm’)

At first glance, the Tall Man might not seem all that monstrous at all.  After all, he’s just an unnaturally tall mortician with a penchant for processing human corpses into undead slave labor. Live and let live, right? But the

waxkiller1-feature Monster of the Week: The Mordbid Wax Sculptor

Wax has always been a suspect medium. Here in the natural world, it has long played a crucial role in anatomical depictions of soft tissue and organs. From the Renaissance onward, mouleurs captured every detail of diseased flesh to serve

GenestealerArt-feature Monster of the Week: The Tyranid Genestealer

You’ve lived in the 41st millennium long enough to fear the Tyranid hive fleets: that seemingly endless stream of bio-ships, soldier species and bioweapons, all psychically linked to a single Hive Mind and destined to consume all the biomass in

brainiacposter-feature Monster of the Week: The Brainiac

We’ve discussed sexy Mexican vampires already, but today’s entry takes us into rather unappealing waters. Meet the true, vampiric from of Baron Vitelius, AKA “The Brainiac,” a 17th century Mexican aristocrat who escaped the Holy Inquisition by hitching a ride

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