phantasm1-feature Monster of the Week: The Tall Man (‘Phantasm’)

At first glance, the Tall Man might not seem all that monstrous at all.  After all, he’s just an unnaturally tall mortician with a penchant for processing human corpses into undead slave labor. Live and let live, right? But the

waxkiller1-feature Monster of the Week: The Mordbid Wax Sculptor

Wax has always been a suspect medium. Here in the natural world, it has long played a crucial role in anatomical depictions of soft tissue and organs. From the Renaissance onward, mouleurs captured every detail of diseased flesh to serve

GenestealerArt-feature Monster of the Week: The Tyranid Genestealer

You’ve lived in the 41st millennium long enough to fear the Tyranid hive fleets: that seemingly endless stream of bio-ships, soldier species and bioweapons, all psychically linked to a single Hive Mind and destined to consume all the biomass in

brainiacposter-feature Monster of the Week: The Brainiac

We’ve discussed sexy Mexican vampires already, but today’s entry takes us into rather unappealing waters. Meet the true, vampiric from of Baron Vitelius, AKA “The Brainiac,” a 17th century Mexican aristocrat who escaped the Holy Inquisition by hitching a ride

madgasser-featured Monster of the Week: Mad Gasser of Mattoon

It’s August, 1944 and a prowler terrorizes the streets of Mattoon, Ill. It’s in the newspaper. It’s on the quivering lips of 27 victims from 13 area homes. A man in black creeps through the night, prying open windows –

ozzywerewolf-feature Monster of the Week: The Werewolf

Ah, how have we overlooked the werewolf for so long? I think we can blame the moon. The lycanthropic human is slave to the lunar cycle — or so we’ve been told. When the full moon hangs fat in the

nosferatu-ship-syph-feature Monster of the Week: The Syphilitic Vampire

We’ve discussed humanoid sanguivores and Mexican vampire women before, but this week we turn our attention to Count Spirochete, the vampiric embodiment of syphilis. Just as the Russian sailing ship The Demeter delivered Dracula to the shores of England, so

satanico-selma-feature Monster of the Week: Santanico Pandemonium

Vampire women pose a special threat to the Mexican way of life, forcing the nation’s leading Luchadors to occasionally step in and aid eradication efforts. But even these masked heroes face a challenge against such unnaturally alluring females. We’ve discussed

burning1-feature Monster of the Week: Cropsy (‘The Burning’)

We have of course covered the North American slasher before, both in the form of Homo Vorrhees and Homo Myers, but our study of these fascinating creatures would not be complete without mention of Homo Cropsy, a slasher evolved to

societyhand-featured Monster of the Week: The Shunters of ‘Society’

High Society isn’t just another world. It’s another species entirely. Yes, as explored in Brain Yuzna’s 1989 documentary, things are not what they seem in the ivory towers of suburban America. Our social betters are actually a very ancient species

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