catbus-featured Monster of the Week: Catbus

Having just re-watched “My Neighbor Totoro” with my wife and son, I figured it a prime opportunity to explore the biology of that bizarre feline dodecahpede we call “catbus.” This magical mammal serves children and forest spirits as a sort

addiction-demon2-featured Monster of the Week: The Addiction Demon (AHS)

I’m somewhat behind in my consumption of “American Horror Story: Hotel,” but I’m already captivated by the show’s most appalling monster: the Addiction Demon. We first glimpse this pallid,  featureless humanoid in the premier episode and it makes quick use

bathory2-featured Monster of the Week: The Blood Countess Báthory

We’ve covered quite a few blood drinkers here on Monster of the Week, but we’ve yet to cover that most curious form of sanguivore: the vampiric bather. Yes, these decadent vamps absorb the blood of their victims through their skin,

spice_mass_by_lukeoram-big Monster of the Week: The Sandworms of ‘Dune’

“Now they had a circular relationship: little maker to pre-spice mass; little maker to shai-hulud; shai-hulud to scatter the spice upon which fed microscopic creatures called sand plankton; the sand plankton, food for shai-hulud, growing, burrowing, becoming little makers.” -

calibos-featured Monster of the Week: Calibos & his Giant Scorpions

This week’s podcast episodes concern the nature of tails, so I thought we’d explore one of cinema’s finest tailed monsters: Calibos from 1981′s “Clash of the Titans.” As you probably recall, Calibos was the the son of Thetis, goddess of

facedancer-main Monster of the Week: Face Dancers of ‘Dune’

The unnatural world of monsters contains many a nefarious shapeshifter, but few invoke such mystery as the Bene Tleilax face dancers from Frank Herbert’s “Dune” universe. To refresh, these creatures reside in a very curious interstellar civilization. After the rejection

thethingeyes-main Monster of the Week: The Thing

In a pair of disastrous 1982 incidents, humanity encountered a formless, aggregate organism from beyond our solar system known only as “the Thing.” Luckily, these incidents occurred in the inhospitable wastes of Antarctica, so we never had to learn what

skinspyfeatured2 Monster of the Week: The Consult Skin Spy

The unnatural world undulates with monstrous deception. Every familiar face may well prove a clever mask for some unspeakable horror. The world of Eärwa, detailed in R. Scott Bakker’s excellent “Second Apocalypse” saga, is no exception to the rule.* The

chippendalemupp-feature Monster of the Week: The Chippendale Mupp

In “Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book,” the good doctor takes us on a journey through the Kingdom of Sleep, introducing us to such fantastic sights as the Bumble-Tub Club dreamers and the Curious Crandalls. The long-tailed Chippendale Mupp, however, presents the

sphinx4-featured Monster of the Week: The Sphinx

I chose “Oedipus and the Sphinx” by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres to illustrate our podcast episode “The Science of Coincidence,” so it seems a perfect opportunity to explore the mythical Sphinx as a Monster of the Week. Let’s approach the

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