ancient_glory_by_spiralhorizon-d85utmx-feature Monster of the Week: The Nonmen of Eärwa

Long before barbaric tribes ventured into Northern Eärwa, the Nonmen battled for the survival of their own advanced and waning civilization. Known to themselves as  ji’cûnû roi or “the People of Dawn,” the Nonmen proved culturally, psychologically and biologically distinct from

goromkx2-featured Monster of the Week: Goro the Shokan

Having previously explored the anatomy of Outworld’s blade-sprouting Tarkatans, we now turn our attention now to the brutal Shokans. These four-armed humanoids rule the kingdom of Kuatan, occasionally venturing out to tear mortal combatants limb from limb. While you’ve likely

Gurion-featured Monster of the Week: Guiron, Foe of Gamera

It’s a rough universe out there and any self-respecting planet needs a a giant robot/monster to defend it against robeasts, kaiju and mechs. In this monstrous arms race, you’ll find few combatants more fearsome that Gurion, that blade-headed slicing machine

xoxarle_by_captainnow-featured Monster of the Week: Idiran Biological Immortality

The Idiran-Culture War was a major event in the sci-fi novels of Iain M. Banks. The devastating conflict pitted the AI-administrated transhumans of the Anarcho-utopian Culture against the warlike Idirans. You can only fault the tripedal aliens so much, however, considering

leatherface-featured Monster of the Week: Leatherface & Hermit Crabs

Monsters have a way of getting under our skin. Some even prance around the house in it, donning our flayed pelts like a series of decorative shawls. You’ll find several examples of these skin wearers, from the insanely pragmatic Jame

wutong-featured Monster of the Week: The Wutong Shen

“The southern Wutong-spirit is somewhat like the northern fox-spirit. But whereas the northern fox’s evil force may be exorcised in a hundred different ways, the Wutong of the Yangtze region is much more vicious and intractable. It possesses and ravishes

foxspirit-featured Monster of the Week: The Chinese Fox Spirit

“Poor man! A fox cast a spell on him and he is with us no more! Foxes can cast powerful spells. Young gentlemen in particular, such as you and your friend, should guard against them.” –  Pu Songling, “Fox Enchantment”

catbus-featured Monster of the Week: Catbus

Having just re-watched “My Neighbor Totoro” with my wife and son, I figured it a prime opportunity to explore the biology of that bizarre feline dodecahpede we call “catbus.” This magical mammal serves children and forest spirits as a sort

addiction-demon2-featured Monster of the Week: The Addiction Demon (AHS)

I’m somewhat behind in my consumption of “American Horror Story: Hotel,” but I’m already captivated by the show’s most appalling monster: the Addiction Demon. We first glimpse this pallid,  featureless humanoid in the premier episode and it makes quick use

bathory2-featured Monster of the Week: The Blood Countess Báthory

We’ve covered quite a few blood drinkers here on Monster of the Week, but we’ve yet to cover that most curious form of sanguivore: the vampiric bather. Yes, these decadent vamps absorb the blood of their victims through their skin,

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