goromkx2-featured Monster of the Week: Goro the Shokan

Having previously explored the anatomy of Outworld’s blade-sprouting Tarkatans, we now turn our attention now to the brutal Shokans. These four-armed humanoids rule the kingdom of Kuatan, occasionally venturing out to tear mortal combatants limb from limb. While you’ve likely

Gurion-featured Monster of the Week: Guiron, Foe of Gamera

It’s a rough universe out there and any self-respecting planet needs a a giant robot/monster to defend it against robeasts, kaiju and mechs. In this monstrous arms race, you’ll find few combatants more fearsome that Gurion, that blade-headed slicing machine

xoxarle_by_captainnow-featured Monster of the Week: Idiran Biological Immortality

The Idiran-Culture War was a major event in the sci-fi novels of Iain M. Banks. The devastating conflict pitted the AI-administrated transhumans of the Anarcho-utopian Culture against the warlike Idirans. You can only fault the tripedal aliens so much, however, considering

leatherface-featured Monster of the Week: Leatherface & Hermit Crabs

Monsters have a way of getting under our skin. Some even prance around the house in it, donning our flayed pelts like a series of decorative shawls. You’ll find several examples of these skin wearers, from the insanely pragmatic Jame

wutong-featured Monster of the Week: The Wutong Shen

“The southern Wutong-spirit is somewhat like the northern fox-spirit. But whereas the northern fox’s evil force may be exorcised in a hundred different ways, the Wutong of the Yangtze region is much more vicious and intractable. It possesses and ravishes

foxspirit-featured Monster of the Week: The Chinese Fox Spirit

“Poor man! A fox cast a spell on him and he is with us no more! Foxes can cast powerful spells. Young gentlemen in particular, such as you and your friend, should guard against them.” –  Pu Songling, “Fox Enchantment”

catbus-featured Monster of the Week: Catbus

Having just re-watched “My Neighbor Totoro” with my wife and son, I figured it a prime opportunity to explore the biology of that bizarre feline dodecahpede we call “catbus.” This magical mammal serves children and forest spirits as a sort

addiction-demon2-featured Monster of the Week: The Addiction Demon (AHS)

I’m somewhat behind in my consumption of “American Horror Story: Hotel,” but I’m already captivated by the show’s most appalling monster: the Addiction Demon. We first glimpse this pallid,  featureless humanoid in the premier episode and it makes quick use

bathory2-featured Monster of the Week: The Blood Countess Báthory

We’ve covered quite a few blood drinkers here on Monster of the Week, but we’ve yet to cover that most curious form of sanguivore: the vampiric bather. Yes, these decadent vamps absorb the blood of their victims through their skin,

spice_mass_by_lukeoram-big Monster of the Week: The Sandworms of ‘Dune’

“Now they had a circular relationship: little maker to pre-spice mass; little maker to shai-hulud; shai-hulud to scatter the spice upon which fed microscopic creatures called sand plankton; the sand plankton, food for shai-hulud, growing, burrowing, becoming little makers.” -

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