Wes Craven Tribute: Serpents, Rainbows &  Zombies

With the recent passing of horror director Wes Craven, it seems appropriate to cover the science behind his 1988 film "The Serpent and the Rainbow." Join Robert and Christian for a discussion of Haitian folklore, zombie powder and the challenges of filmmaking.

Monster of the Week: The Odorous Zombie

Why Parasites Don't Turn Us Into Sex Zombies

Why don't parasites hijack our libidos and use us a sex puppets? A biological mathematician and a theoretical ecologist investigate.

The Threat of Ancient Mesopotamian Zombies

Robert ponders some ancient undead.

Zombie Apocalypse PSA

Atlanta is in shambles. Parasite-infected humans wander the streets, stinking of death and attacking everyone in sight. Meanwhile Robert and Julie hold up in the HSW headquarters to shed light on the so-called "zombie outbreak" by highlighting real-world examples of minds hijacked and bodies zombified by tiny parasitic organisms.

Parasitic Wasp Employs Zombie Ladybug to Guard Cocoon

To quote esteemed mad scientist Seth Brundle, "Insects don't have politics." Theirs is a world of intricate brutality and wasps have been excelling in it for more than a hundred million years. This latest example comes to us in this paper from France's CNRS (Délégation Paris Michel-Ange) and it concerns a wasp that not only hatches from its egg inside the belly of a ladybug, but upon emerging forces its eviscerated host to guard its cocoon while it transitions from larva to full-grown horror wasp.

CDC Urges Preparation for Zombie Apocalypse

In his excellent New York Times editorial piece, Chuck Klostermlan described zombies as a collective fear projection of the boring, unstoppable forces that will consume us in our humdrum lives. That being said, the undead still continue to fascinate teaming masses of fans, forcing a lot of people who otherwise wouldn't to consider survival strategies for the end of civilization. What does the CDC have to say?

Zombie Foodies: How long does it take to grow a human brain?

Check your stereotypes at the door, gentle reader, because not every zombie is an indiscriminate brain gobbler. When there's no more room in Hell (or Whole Foods), zombie foodies will walk the Earth and you better believe they won't be caught dead munching on fast-food grey matter. To satisfy their unholy cravings, many of the world's more food conscious undead cultivate their own premium, local-grown human brains in backyard nurseries, cranium cellars or Brooklyn rooftop gardens. But just how long does a ravenous zombie have to wait for a full-grown brain?

Robert Smith Prepares Canada for Zombie Apocalypse

If you're on the same wavelength as me, then that slightly misleading headline probably summons images of The Cure front man flanked by Mounties, their ranks of cavalry charging rotting hoards of undead on the plains of Saskatchewan. Will our smokey-eyed hero stand a chance at conquering these reanimated cannibal legions? The actual story on BBC News is nearly as odd.