Stuff to Literally Blow Your Mind

Each week, Robert and Julie bring you fascinating, mind-blowing stories about the strangest things in the natural world -- but how could your mind literally be blown? Tune in and learn more in this podcast.

Death By Volcano

People often think of volcanoes as conical mountains erupting ash, smoke and lava into the air. But how do they work? Why are they so dangerous? Listen in to learn more about volcanoes (and all the ways they can kill an unlucky bystander) in this podcast.

A New Ocean is Ripping Through Ethiopia

Thought the "Seven Seas" were static? Nope, they've gone through many incarnations since the ancient Greeks started grouping their local bodies of water into one convenient moniker. European explorers expanded the definition a bit to include a wider sampling of world waters, and today we'd probably list the Arctic, North and South Atlantic, North and South Pacific, Indian and Southern Oceans in the big seven -- if we used the phrase at all. But it turns out, there's a new ocean in the making, rending the African continent right through the middle of Ethiopia.

My father-in-law is a fan of the site and loves discussing article topics with me. A couple of months back, we wound up discussing methods of tinkering with the environment and brought up the ridiculous notion of setting off nuclear weapons to counter global warming. I blogged about this a while ago. Anyway, my father-in-law recommended another strategy: set off some volcanoes.