The Science of Comfort

What does comfort mean to you? Thanksgiving dinner? A cup of tomato soup and a warm blanket? In this classic episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert and Julie examine the particulars of comfort, why we crave it and what happens when we have too much of a good thing.

Surviving Thanksgiving

You may not be the turkey on the chopping block, but holiday get-togethers with family can make you feel that way. Find out how to navigate the holiday in this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind.

Into the Mouth of Thanksgiving

While your stomach may rumble at the thought of Thanksgiving's bounty, your mouth is trembling in fear. Join Robert and Julie as they discuss the oral health battle that takes place between Streptococcus mutans and teeth enamel and find out why our distant ancestors may have had better chompers than ours.

Blow Your Mind: Thanksgiving Hangover Episodes

Thanksgiving is over and, if you're like so many Americans, you're probably still feeling the bloated effects. Not a U.S. resident? Well, then maybe you just get to observe turkey feasting and comfort addiction in others. Either way, these two episodes should still fascinate you.

Jive Turkey

Jive Turkey: As another Turkey Day dawns on the United States, Julie and Robert stop to consider the great bird itself. Join them as they dive into the ancient history of this North American avian native, discuss the origins of its name and how humans continues to bend the creature to their Thanksgiving desires.

Thanksgiving: Psychology, Gratitude, Funky Music

So once more residents of the United States find themselves on a collision course with the Thanksgiving holiday. Some of us make a point of celebrating it, some are obligated and others disregard it as much as possible. Between the traditional turkey gluttony and America's historical mistreatment of Native Americans, there are certainly some good excuses to abstain. Growing up. I didn't really care about the whole gratitude thing to be honest. Today, however, it feels appropriate to think a bit about what's good in life and how little I've done to diverse any of it -- and it looks like science backs me up on that.