Cosmic Canvas: Starships of The White Temple

Thailand: AIDS Vaccines, Cabbages and Condoms

I've been back from Thailand three weeks now (two of them flu-free!), so this is pretty much the last chance I have to get away with posting a few vacation photos. As with last week's post on Bangkok sinking into the ocean, I'm wrapping this one around a relevant scientific topic: the battle against AIDS in Thailand.

Thailand: Sinking Cities and Fading Deltas

Thailand's enormous capital is crisscrossed with canals and bisected by the snaking path of the Chao Phraya River. As such, some travel writers have dubbed Bangkok the "Venice of the East," and as with its Italian cousin, there's also more than a little concern about what happens if sea levels rise.

The Wonderful World of Saunas

Prior to this month, I don't think I'd stepped inside a sauna for close to two decades. Back in the late '80s, my family made an epic drive from Newfoundland, Canada, to Middle Tennessee, and I remember us stopping at a couple of hotels up north that offered such amenities. When you're 7, however, you're not really in a position to appreciate the finer qualities of a good lengthy sweat. Three minutes of squirming and pouring too much water on the stones is generally enough to satisfy your hyperactive curiosity (or get you kicked out, whichever comes first). So the next 20 years passed by relatively sauna-free for me. After all, most of that time was spent in the American South. But a few weeks ago, the masterminds at assigned me a couple of articles on saunas (How Saunas Work and 5 Strangest Saunas) and all of this changed.

Wind Farm Kills Goats

Eventually I'm going to have to back away from these goat- or sheep-centered posts -- but I'm not ready yet. Leave it to the BBC to report on something truly bizarre: A Taiwanese farmer is claiming nearby wind turbines killed 400 of his goats. Don't compare this one to wind turbines killing birds, though.