Sword of the Samurai

Appreciation for the katana cuts across cultures and genres, slicing into the hearts of history buffs, japanophiles, comic book fans and more. But what’s so special about the sword of the Samurai? In this episode of the Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert and Christian discuss the science of this most skillful blade, the grisly test for its sharpness and its importance in Japanese culture.

Blow Your Mind: The Way of the Sword

From deadly Japanese samurai blade to the enormous Scottish claymore, the sword stands as one of our most iconic human inventions. The technology cut a bloody swath across the course of human history and continues to stand as a symbol of power and death.

The Way of the Sword

From samurai blades to claymores, the sword is one of humanity's most iconic inventions, and they've cut a bloody swath across history. In this episode, Robert and Julie consider the way of the sword, from their manufacture to their use in film and more.

Terry Pratchett's Meteorite Sword

Beloved "Discworld" author Terry Pratchett is now officially Sir Terry Pratchett, and he has a lovely meteorite-infused sword to go with the title. Yep, according to this news item from Australia, he forged the blade himself with help from his friend Jake Keen, an expert sword smith. Pratchett had a chuckle over the inevitably magic qualities of a blade made from space rocks, but it's important to point out that the use of meteoric iron in weapons is actually a very ancient practice.