Electric Eel-Punk Powers Active!

Leechpunk: The Power of Leeches

The Power of Leeches: Are leeches mere bloodsucking parasites or do these creatures have a place in modern medicine? Plus learn about the very real 19th century invention that incorporated bottled leeches. Tune into this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind for all sorts of vein-tapping goodness. Image credit: Garry DeLong/Oxford Scientific/Getty

Retrofuturist Flashback: 1829 Steampunk Satire

Robert considers a satirical slice of steampunk from 1829.

Alternate History at Dragon*Con: Steampunk Goes DIY

Dragon*Con's been in Atlanta for nearly 25 years, but this year's Con was my first. Along with Chris and Jonathan from TechStuff and Tracy from the FanStuff blog, Katie and I spoke at a panel this weekend, answering all sorts of questions about what it takes to make a podcast at The conversation obviously skewed modern -- how to effectively use the Web for research, tips on digital note-compiling software, using social media to connect with listeners. But after our talk was over, Katie and I went back 150 years or so, or forward, depending on how you look at it.

Science is Scary (Steampunk isn't)

Sure, steampunk makes for adorable costumes and some snazzy-looking gadgets, but is it really the stuff of haunted houses? Pittsburgh's ScareHouse seems to think so, but just when is science terrifying and when does it merely promise us jazzy retro bikes?