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Talking 'Gulp' With Mary Roach

Mary Roach Interview: We all love Mary Roach, so in this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind Robert and Julie invite the "Stiff" author on the show to chat about her latest book "Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal." Plus she'll answer listener questions and discuss how to eat with your butt.

Shane Morton on 'Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell'

Robert Lamb chats with "Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell" art designer Shane Morton about infernal urinals and horror movies. Read on!

Rusty Hodge talks SomaFM and Cosmic Albums

SomaFM has you hook-up for space music. First launched in February 2000, this San Francisco-based Internet radio station continues to deliver commercial-free, listener-supported content that you just can't find anywhere else. They currently deliver 22 channels of music to more than 5.8 million listeners around the world through their website and thoroughly awesome mobile app. You've also probably seen some of the cool SomaFM swag that listeners purchase to help support the station.I've praised SomaFM in past Space Music posts, but I figured it was high time I chatted with its General Manager, Program Director and Founder Rusty Hodge. Let's see what he has to share with us...

Space Music: Stephen Hill talks Hearts of Space and Ambient DNA

I probably listened to "The Hearts of Space" for the first time back in the early 90s during a family beach vacation. I was surfing the local radio stations late one night and suddenly found myself listening to music unlike anything I'd heard before. A couple of decades later, my musical tastes have caught up with that first taste of ethereal electronic goodness -- and Hearts of Space is still going strong. I figured a Space Music post about HOS was long overdue, so I reached out to Stephen Hill for a brief interview.

Space Music: Joel Hodgson Talks Riffing, MST3K

If you're a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan, your fondest memories probably revolve around classic film riffs and the show's surprisingly believable cast of humans, robots, apes, aliens and mole people. Yet MST3K was also a very musical show, full of comical songs and endless jokes at the expense of cheesy film scores. And since all of this took place aboard an orbital space station, I thought a chat with MST3K creator and Cinematic Titanic rifer Joel Hodgson was in order. Joel was kind enough to take a break from crafting riffs on "The Doll Squad" (set to debut live, July 5 in Ann Arbor, MI) and wrapping up Riff Camp 2012 to chat with me on such diverse topic as the maker culture of Gizmonic Institute and the power of "2001: A Space Odyssey."

Space Music: Adron's Cosmic Tropicàlia

Adron's "Organismo" is a delightfully difficult album to pigeonhole. Take Brazilian Tropicàlia, collide it with the limitless female singer/songwriter vibe of the 1970s and then allow a jolt of labyrinthine surreality to shock it all to life. You'll tap your foot. You'll hum "Pyramids" for days. You might even take a space viking as your lover.

Space Music: DJ Food and 'The Search Engine'

Few artists embody "space music" quite as well as DJ Food AKA Strictly Kev. I spoke to the man back in 2010 about cosmic DJ mixes and he had quite a bit to share about sci-fi samples and his own psychedelic space music (you can read that here). But now it's 2012 and Kev is back with his first full-length album in 11 years. So I checked in with him for the scoop on "The Search Engine."

STBYM Interview: Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson

What does the planet's leading science communicator have to say about the future of space travel, mind-blowing cosmology and the state of science in America? In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Julie and I interview astrophysicist and all-around science champion Neil deGrasse Tyson. He chats with us about the forces that motivate humans to invest in super projects, particle research, manned space exploration and he even weighs in on the wooly mammoth. Bring it back or leave it on ice?

Space Music: The Alien Sounds of Richard Devine

Robert Lamb chats with electronic musician Richard Devine about creativity and algorithmic musical composition.

Space Music: Pete Sasqwax talks Sci-Fu, Waxfactor and Samples

If you're game for a hip hop-fueled sci-fi excursion through a world of interstellar conflict and robotic super villainy, then the 2006 album "Sci-Fu" will get you definitely there. It's the creation of one Pete Gleadall AKA Pete Sasqwax AKA Waxfactor and as it's something of an under-appreciated sensation, I felt I needed to highlight it here. Even better, Pete took time away from his life of graphic design, music production and fiction writing to chat with me from his home in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK. You'll want some fitting background music for all this, so be sure to hit up for free downloads of "Sci-Fu" as well as a few EPs. Now let's get to the interview: