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Sharks of Summer (with Marah Hardt of ‘Sex in the Sea’)

If you watch enough 'Jaws' and Shark Week, you’re bound to see sharks as ravenous death machines. But is it really more appropriate to think of these ancient creatures as LIFE machines? In this episode of the Stuff to Blow Your Mind podcast, Robert and Christian welcome 'Sex in the Sea' author Marah Hardt back on the podcast for a discussion of embryonic cannibalism, virgin shark birth, conservation efforts and more.

R. Scott Bakker: On Alien Philosophy and Fantasy

Canadian author R. Scott Bakker is best known for his Second Apocalypse saga, a series of dark fantasy novels that explore philosophical and even neuroscientific ideas through a world of sorcery, holy wars and inhuman evil. In this episode of the Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert and Joe chat with Bakker about his recent paper 'On Alien Philosophy,' published in the The Journal of Consciousness Studies. Plus, as a long-time fan, Robert throws in a few questions about Bakker’s approach to fiction and the strange creatures that occupy his created worlds.

Penile Transplants (With Special Guest Mary Roach)

The year is 2016 and we officially live in the age of the penis transplant -- and while the notion may stir giggles from some, there's nothing humorous about the cancer survivors and wounded soldiers who can benefit from such surgeries. In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert and Christian discuss recent advances in penile transplant surgery and chat with author Mary Roach, who devotes two chapters of her new book "Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War" to urotrauma and genital transplant surgery.

3Teeth's Mincolla Talks Esoterism, Music and Art

Robert Lamb interviews 3Teeth's Alexis Mincolla about esoterism, music and art.

Space Music: 'A Shunned Place' by Polypores

Steven Johnson: How We Got to Now

Glass, Cold, Sound, Clean, Time and Light. Just a random collection of items in the physical world, right? Not in the hands of science journalist Steven Johnson, who weaves a revelatory tale of technological wonders in his new book and PBS series, "How We Got to Now: Six Innovations That Made the Modern World." Join Julie and Robert for an interview with the man behind the book and series.

Dr. Rubberfunk Talks Halloween Mixes and Music

UK musician and DJ Dr. Rubberfunk discusses Funky Halloween mixes and his signature soulful sound.

Chris Gladwin Discusses The Wyrding Module

Chris Gladwin, the man behind The Wyrding Module discusses the nature of uncanny music and his own approach to dark and surreal sounds.

Interview: Josh Schafer Talks VHS Tapes, Culture