Fu Lu Shou: Three Stars in a Hotel Lobby

If you've ever found yourself an outsider in a Chinese restaurant or home, then you might well have wondered about three, ornate statues of bearded men -- especially since one of them has an enormous, bloated forehead. Who are they and what do they represent?

Space Music: We Are Star Dust, We Are Golden

In his mere 62 years on the planet, Carl Sagan proved himself an irreplaceable advocate of science and space exploration. His legacy lives on today in his beloved series "Cosmos: A Personal Voyage," as well as in everything from obnoxious t-shirts to action comics and Auto-Tune tracks. He remains something of a scientific saint. One of more famous nuggets of wisdom is probably this one, related to star stuff:

Cosmic Megastructures: How to Enslave a Star

The sun is the powerhouse for our solar system, heating the spheres with its radiation and holding everything from gas giants to asteroids in thrall to its massive gravity. Stars, in their various forms, are the most powerful forces in the known universe, so it only comes naturally that a species of egotistical apes would dream about capturing one and bending it to their will.

Light Pollution is Tarnishing Our Skies

Just take a look at the night sky in this photo. Do those stars look anything like what you encounter in the evenings? If you're like me and live in a densely populated area, then the answer's probably "no." Here in Atlanta, we're lucky to catch a twinkle or two in the haze overhead -- and that's probably just an airliner.