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Retrofuturist Flashback: 70s Shuttle Design

Let's look at another awesome past vision of a future that never quite happened.

Mind-Blowing Video: Ride the Boosters

Robert shares some cool shuttle videos...

Retrofuturist Flashback: 1972 Space Shuttle Plans

Robert Lamb shares a space shuttle sketch from 1972. Look at it.

NASA's final space shuttle launch this Friday brings about the end of an era. If you're like me, you grew up watching the awesome triumphs and stunning tragedies associated with the space shuttle program. Friday's Atlantis launch brings all this to a close and, amid all the emotion, you'll probably want to crank some appropriate space music. Here are some recommendations:

Space Music: Discovery Wakes up to Shatner, Big Head Todd

Remember NASA's "Space Rock" contest? Well, 2.4 million people cast their online ballots to vote for some orbital wake-up music. Sadly, they were limited to a list of 40 previously played wake-up songs that included such tracks as "Kryptonite" by 3 Doors Down. Hey, I guess the sight of an orbital sunrise can make just about anything sound good.

Space Music: NASA Mission with a Side of Aphex Twin

If all goes as planned, the Discovery will blast off Thursday on one of the last three space shuttle missions (STS-133) ever. Among other things, the crew will bring along Robonaut2 and two small LEGO space shuttles to kick-off an educational Lego/NASA partnership. You of course will have to stay here on Earth, but in addition to watching live footage of the take off you can enjoy a live mix of STS-133 mission control chatter and ambient, electronic and intelligent dance music. You're hear Mission Commander Steven W. Lindsey as he leads the crew into orbit, along with the spaced-out sounds of such artists as Robert Carty and Aphex Twin.