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Space Roundup: Horror Stories, Psychic Astronauts and Galactic Ghouls

My name is Robert Lamb, and I get excited about space horror. And I don't just mean really good stuff like "Alien." I will gladly endure such lackluster entries as "Event Horizon" and even the such utter cheese as "Jason X" and "Leprechaun 4: In Space." I am still trying to talk my wife into watching 2009's "Pandorum" with me. That movie's better than it has any right to be, people. Aside from my posts here at the blogs, I also contribute to the Discovery Space blogs. The crew there does a fantastic job of covering breaking space news, and I throw in my own takes on a variety of topical or weird space subjects. So here's a look at just a handful of the topics I've covered there.

It's weeks like these that all the aliens need to get together and finally start an intergalactic news organization to report on all the universal happenings. Here at we've been so busy covering the Ig Nobels this week, that outer space took a back seat. Which new story excited you the most? Was it NASA taking a bite out of the moon Friday morning? Or maybe you didn't bat an eye at that since, as Robert reminded me, this idea of bombing the moon has been around since as early as the 1950s in the form of Project A 119. Or maybe you're more of a pacifist and applaud Huffington Post blogger Amy Ephron's efforts to help save the moon (rather than bomb it). Furthermore, even if you were gung-ho on the explosion idea, the impact didn't exactly give you a big show in the form of a plume of debris.