space music

Space Music: Unit Black Flight, Steve Moore & MAVS

Robert Lamb uploads more space music directly into your neural lace, this time featuring the work of Unit Black Flight, Steve Moore & Makeup and Vanity Set...

Space Music: Andromeda, Beats in Space, PCA

Robert Lamb explores new cosmic releases from Alessandro Parisi, Antoni Maiovvi and Pye Corner Audio.

Space Music: Venetian Snares' Traditional Synth Music

Robert Lamb digs into 'Traditional Synthesizer Music' by Venetian Snares for this installment of the Space Music blog series.

Space Music: HAEX-HRLL, Atom From Heart

Robert Lamb explores new cosmic musical offerings from Christine and HAEX-HRLL...

Space Music: Five Bandcamp Picks to Support the ACLU

Robert shares a few choice Bandcamp musical selections for space music aficionados planning to support the ACLU on Feb. 3, 2017.

Space Music: Puscifer Goes Electric on Remix Album

Robert Lamb discusses the evolution of Maynard James Kennan's Puscifer project, including the latest electronic remix album 'Money Shot Your Re-Load.'

Space Music: Occult Music for John Dee Week

Robert Lamb presents a perfect musical pairing for this week's episodes on the sorcerer mathematician Dr. John Dee: 'The Unexplained: Electronic Musical Impressions of the Occult' by Ataraxia (AKA Mort Garson).

Space Music: 'Dynamics' by Distance, Turbo Killer I & II

Robert Lamb discusses the latest dubstep/grime release from Distance, as well as the crazed, VHS-influenced world of Carpenter Brut and Seth Ickerman's 'Turbo Killer' video collaboration.

Space Music: 'Patashnik' & Other Biosphere Gems

Robert Lamb considers Biosphere's recently reissued 1994 album 'Patashnik,' an ambient house classic that still resonates with soothing weirdness.

Space Music: Ambient Soothing

Robert Lamb shares his recent HowStuffWorks NOW feature " Ambient Music Can Calm the Psychic Maelstrom. Here's How." along with some embedded versions of the recommendations.