space music

Space Music: Halloween Sounds of Note

Robert Lamb rises the day after Halloween and shares a couple of uncanny listening choices...

Space Music: Andy Stott, Time Zero

Robert Lamb blogs about the space music of Andy Stott and Innerpsace.

Space Music ‘Nufonia Must Fall’ by Kid Koala

Robert Lamb discusses Kid Koala's amazing live puppet film 'Nufonia Must Fall.'

Space Music: Shuffle Drones, Steve Roach Live

Robert Lamb shares some more Space Music. The first selection is an ambient album intended to be shuffled and played in any order, the second is a live concert from Steve Roach on SomaFM.

Space Music: Team Doyobi

Robert Lamb discusses the music of Team Doyobi ‎in another Space Music post.

Space Music: Solar Metsys, Legowelt, Fever Ray

Robert Lamb blogs about new music from TonicEmbark, Legowelt, Fever Ray, Pye Corner Audio

Space Music: Halloween Sounds 2017

Robert Lamb shares some more uncanny, seasonal music for your Halloween listening pleasure...

Space Music: 'The Petrified Forest'

Robert Lamb discusses the new ambient release from Biosphere and the 1936 film that inspired it.

Space Music: ‘Iteration’ by Com Truise

The Com Truise sci-fi saga continues with the album 'Iteration.' Robert Lamb weighs in...

Space Music: 3TEETH's 'shutdown.exe'

Robert Lamb explores the industrial anarchy and god-slaying incantations of 3TEETH's new album '' in this edition of Space Music...