The Scent of Cognition

We are enrobed in a world of scent, and as we know it's a heady powerful one -- with the power to make and summon memories. But this power is far more deep-seated in the brain than we previously thought. The ability to smell may even be root our ability to think.

Body Odor as Art: The Smells of Peter De Cupere

Your Body Odor,Your Destiny

Your Body Odor,Your Destiny: Can body odor be destiny? Can it portend health or illness, who we're attracted to and repulsed by? Find out in this pungently scientific episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind. Image: © H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Corbis

Blow Your Mind: Robotic Roomates and the Science of Smell

So I think this bit of fan mail from our listener John sets up this week's episodes rather nicely: "Listening to Robots podcast and y'all keep mentioning Roombas, and I know you are cat people. We on a Skeptical Listserve were discussing Roombas last month, and a participant mentioned that a friend of his had a Roomba and a Cat. The cat crapped on the carpet, and the Roomba not-so-helpfully tracked the feces all over the house."

SFSL Roundup: Perfume, Stinky Animals and Cosmic Smells

Oh man, do we have a nose full of Stuff From the Science Lab for you this week! We depend on our sense of smell to process the world around us, and both of this weeks' episodes get down to the science of both fragrant and noxious odors. It's quite a journey, as we'll take you from the perfume bottles of Paris to the strange atmospheres of the outer planets.