science experiments

2011 World Science Fest Street Fair Enthralls Kids

The 2011 World Science Festival in New York City culminated in a street fair by New York University and Washington Square Park. The event boasted six hours of scientifically inspiring entertainment. So as you might imagine, children were everywhere and science experiments were rampant. Let's look at some photos.

World-Changing Science Experiments: Part Two

In the second installment of Robert and Allison's two-part series on history's world-changing science experiments, your favorite science writers take a look at everything from primordial ooze to modern psychology. Tune in and learn more.

World-Changing Science Experiments: Part One

Science experiments aren't just for high school students. In the first installment of this special two-part series, Allison and Robert take a look at some of history's most important science experiments. Tune in and learn more in this episode.