Quantum Physics

Quantum Immortality

What is quantum immortality? How do we get from quantum physics to thought experiment suicide machines and what does it all say about the nature of our reality? In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert Lamb and Joe McCormick dive into the multiverse. 

Monster of the Week: The Haunter of the Dark

Robert and Julie's Amazing Stuff to Blow Your Mind Christmas

There's absolutely no denying that it's Christmas. Heck, it's apparently been Christmas for months here in Atlanta, where the MARTA train service pipes in horrific holiday music as if a high enough dosage will inoculate us against unknown ailments while we wait for the train. Meanwhile, there's extra snack food in the HSW break room, holiday celebrations abound and SOMETHING WEARING JINGLE BELLS moves around in the walls.

Give the Gift of a Mystery Box

Give the Gift of a Mystery Box: Why are mystery packages so appealing? How do they improve our mental faculties and fuel our creativity? In this episode, Julie and Robert share tales of sealed envelopes, quantum thought experiments, virginity boxes and things Pandora should never have opened. You might even score a gift idea or two. To learn more about the illustration, visit Art Spotlight: Arthur Rackham's Pandora.

Can I pay a robot to say a quantum prayer for me?

If quantum theory holds true and ceasing to believe in something can keep it from happening, then couldn't enough belief steer us toward a future we want? Better yet, can't we just bribe a few robots to pray us into a better, alternate reality? The answers may astound and confuse you.

Avert the Apocalypse with Quantum Denial

Common sense tends to dictate that, if you want to avoid impending disaster, you need to get up and do something about it. On a head-on collision course with a dump truck? Swerve out of the way. Considering a future bout with lung cancer? Quit smoking. Whatever fate is staring you down, everyone knows that you can't solve your problem by pretending it doesn't exist. Unless you're a quantum physicist, of course.