Cambrian Monster Mash

Welcome to the ocean of monsters. In this episode of the Stuff to Blow Your Mind podcast, Robert and Joe travel back 500 million years to the monster-haunted waters of the Cambrian period. Meet the monstrous trilobite, anomalocaris, opabinia, hallucigenia, wiwaxia, pikaia and leanchoilia. Plus, Dr. Anton Jessup drops by for a visit.

Evolution headlines may not pack the same punch that they once did*, but that hasn't stopped everyone from jumping on the "missing link" bandwagon on this particular slow news day in May. All the fuss is over "Ida," the 47-million-year-old lemur-like creature discovered in Germany in the 1980s. For most of that time, it lingered in a private collection, but now, decades later, this fossil is finally in the spotlight. Yep, there's already a book deal, a David Attenborough documentary, an American Museum of Natural History display and a snazzy website to help promote it. Can a Burger King promotion be that far off?

Norwegians Unearth 'Predator X' Fossils

A Norwegian expedition recently discovered fossils from a previously undiscovered Jurassic-era sea monster, according to the University of Oslo's Natural History Museum. As if attempting to test the very limits of awesomeness, researchers from the expedition have dubbed the 49-foot (15-meter) beast "Predator X."