New Age Music

Space Music: Sounds of the Universe and Planetarium Soundtracks

As we've discussed in previous posts, the universe is constantly emitting a chorus of strange sounds. Most of the time, however, we can't hear them. So we're compelled to create our own amazing music about it. Sometimes this means busting out some 1980s new age synth in a planetarium. First up in this week's Space Music, 365 Days of Astronomy podcaster Carolyn Collins Petersen conducted this interview with Mark C. Petersen AKA Geodesium.

Space Music: Symphonies of the Planets

In this Space Music post, we'll discuss "Symphonies of the Planets," the five-volume collection of ambient space drone music released in 1992 by Lasterlight Records. Plus we'll also discuss new-age nerd goddess Fiorella Terenzi, the glittering Italian astrophysics diva that Time Magazine dubbed a cross between Carl Sagan and Madonna. Cosmic mystery AND European sex appeal? Yep, its all in this epic doubleheader of a post.