X-Files Science Part II: Bugs, Hybrids and Hypnosis

We want to believe. With the return of The X-Files to television Joe and Christian go digging through Scully's reports for scientific answers to the big themes of the show. Join us to learn more about regression hypnosis, weaponized bees, alien hybridization and more. Just remember... trust no one.

X-Files Science Part I: Mutants & Parasites

With the return of television's The X-Files, it's never been a better time to look at the science behind the show. Join Joe and Christian as they examine the possibilities of classic Monsters of the Week, including otherworldly parasites, killer mutants, talking tattoos and more. We'll add present research to the scientific theories surrounding the show during its initial release to find if the truth is out there.

As is sometimes the case with genetic anomalies and mutations, sirenomelia or "mermaid syndrome" conjures certain fanciful images that have nothing to do with the traumatic effects associated with the actual medical anomaly. Sirenomelia is so named because the birth defect involves the apparent fusing of the legs into a single lower limb, with the out-turned feet often resembling fish fins. The defect also commonly affects the kidneys, large intestines and genitalia. The condition sometimes affects the spine, brain and lungs as well. According to, this rare condition occurs when a fetus develops only one umbilical artery (which pumps blood from the fetus to the placenta) and one umbilical vein (which returns blood to the fetus), while normal fetuses develop two umbilical arteries and one umbilical vein. The altered arrangement causes less blood and nutrition to reach the lower body, leading to the fused limbs and underdeveloped array of organs.

China Has a Cat with Wings

A quick scan of the news is often enough to confirm that we're living in the end times: melting ice caps, failing economies, nuclear weapons tests and celebrity gossip covering all four top spots on the Yahoo front page. But hey, if you're like me, you distract yourself with something else and get on with your life. Today, however, the news out of China is that they have a cat with wings.