Top 10 MST3K Science Fiction Movies

Space Music: Joel Hodgson Talks Riffing, MST3K

If you're a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan, your fondest memories probably revolve around classic film riffs and the show's surprisingly believable cast of humans, robots, apes, aliens and mole people. Yet MST3K was also a very musical show, full of comical songs and endless jokes at the expense of cheesy film scores. And since all of this took place aboard an orbital space station, I thought a chat with MST3K creator and Cinematic Titanic rifer Joel Hodgson was in order. Joel was kind enough to take a break from crafting riffs on "The Doll Squad" (set to debut live, July 5 in Ann Arbor, MI) and wrapping up Riff Camp 2012 to chat with me on such diverse topic as the maker culture of Gizmonic Institute and the power of "2001: A Space Odyssey."

Thanksgiving: Psychology, Gratitude, Funky Music

So once more residents of the United States find themselves on a collision course with the Thanksgiving holiday. Some of us make a point of celebrating it, some are obligated and others disregard it as much as possible. Between the traditional turkey gluttony and America's historical mistreatment of Native Americans, there are certainly some good excuses to abstain. Growing up. I didn't really care about the whole gratitude thing to be honest. Today, however, it feels appropriate to think a bit about what's good in life and how little I've done to diverse any of it -- and it looks like science backs me up on that.