10 Mind-Blowing Visions of Alien Life

Explore 10 dreams of extraterrestrial life...

Deconstructing the Grinch

Find out why the Grinch had the personality of a toadstool sandwich, with arsenic sauce. Robert and Julie explore the physiology of the Green One, not to mention his self-imposed social isolation, which may have contributed to the woefully diminutive size of his heart.


What are we to make of this evil spirit of Algonquin folklore, said to transform unfortunate travelers into cannibalistic monsters? Have true accounts of "wendigo psychosis" actually occurred in the Canadian wilds? Join Robert and Julie as they explore the mythic, anthropological and scientific dimensions of the legend.

Giggle-Inducing Fake Occult Items and Specimens

Enjoy some ghastly and ridiculous bits of occult fakery...

21 Fictional Worms Deserving of Horror & Devotion

"But see, amid the mimic rout, a crawling shape intrude! A blood-red thing that writhes from out the scenic solitude!" -Edgar Allan Poe

The Shadow People

Do strange shadow people haunt the corners of our existence, or is there a scientific answer within the human brain? Join Robert and guests Ben and Matt of Stuff They Don't Want You To Know as they discuss the answers.

The Monster Gallery

Monsters are creatures of symbolism, and yet sometimes we find science buried in their hearts...

10 Monsters That Deserve Better Films

Monsters, you can do so much better...

Monster Mash: Mummies and Trolls

Monster Mash: Mummies and Trolls: Could real science possible explain a horror movie mummy's murderous escape from a museum or a troll's transformation into stone? In the same tradition as their gremlin and zombie episodes, Robert and Julie give it a try for this special Halloween edition of Stuff to Blow Your Mind.