Monster of the Week

Monster of the Week: Blade the Dhampir and Slime Mites

What do Blade the vampire slayer and the lowly slime mite have in common? Robert Lamb explores...

Monster of the Week: The All-Powerful Sarlacc

Robert Lamb considers the natural world parallels to the Star Wars Universe’s deadly denizen of the Great Pit of Carkoon…

Monster of the Week: Klaus from 'Anthropophagus'

Robert Lamb pulls a fistful of science out of Joe D'Amato and George Eastman's 1980 cannibal film...

Monster of the Week: London Underground Cannibals

Robert Lamb considers the link between the fictional Tube cannibals of 1972's 'Raw Meat' and the curious mosquitoes of the London Underground...

Monster of the Week: Skinless Frank & Julia

Robert Lamb considers the skinless villains from the first two 'Hellraiser' films and compares their behavior to self-flaying defenses of natural-world organisms...

Monster of the Week: The Illithid 'Mind Flayer'

Robert Lamb discusses the Ilithid 'Mind Flayers' of Dungeons and Dragons within the context of real-world biology, computing and human psychology.

Monster of the Week: Acidic Alien Blood

The "Alien" xenomorph and the mythic Grendel both seem to have acidic blood. Robert Lamb explores the possible science behind such an adaptation.

Monster of the Week: The Gentlemen

Buffy fans won't soon forget the Gentlemen, but just how do these noise-adverse, heart-snatching demons match up to natural world biology? Find out...

Monster of the Week: Succubi, Ants & Sperm Theft

What natural-world organism could possibly emulate this infernal breeding plan? What creature outside of Hell would seduce a member of another species, steal its sperm and then use the seed for its own diabolical purposes?

Monster of the Week: The Nonmen of Eärwa

Robert Lamb discusses the nonmen of R. Scott Bakker's 'Second Apocalypse' saga.