The 2016 Ig Nobels: Rat Pants, Mooning and the Sincerity of Rocks

Each year, a magazine called The Annals of Improbable Research awards the Ig Nobel prizes to honor the weirdest and funniest scientific projects ever undertaken by humans. In this pair of Stuff to Blow Your Mind episodes, Robert, Joe and Christian discuss this year's winners. In part one, you can expect to hear about rats with pants, the personalities of rocks, scientific mooning, mirror-assisted itch relief, as well as the lived experience of goatmen and badgermen.

Space Mirrors: Weapons, Energy & Propulsion

What can you accomplish with a space mirror? Quite a lot, actually. You can use them to gaze far into the cosmos, to propel exploration craft and even cast patches of light back down on night-cloaked regions of the planet. In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert and Christian discuss the power of space mirrors.

Art Spotlight: Jan van Eyck's Eye of God

The Mirror Maze of 'Oculus'

Through the Looking Glass

What are we to make of the mirror world? We surround ourselves with looking glasses, yet rarely understand exactly what we're observing. Our reflected doubles gaze back at us, affecting the way we carry ourselves and the way we experience our own bodies. Travel through the looking glass in this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind

13 Terrifying Fictional Mirrors

"I see them as infinite, elemental executors of an ancient pact to multiply the world like the act of begetting. Sleepless. Bringing doom. " - Jorge Luis Borges, Mirrors

Defeat Your Doppelgängers: Self-misidentification

We've looked at a few different delusional misidentification syndromes so far and sent the doppelgangers packing. But what if the mysterious stranger in your life happens to be that weirdo in the mirror? You've probably seen this played out for laughs in everything from the Marx Brothers' "Duck Soup" to "Shaun the Sheep." Your reflection just doesn't look or move quite right, so you move around till the impostor gives him or herself away. Assuming the rest of your life doesn't resemble a slapstick farce, however, it's probably best to seek professional help.