MDMA: Pharmacological Healer

In the form of recreational ecstasy, the psychoactive drug MDMA carries with it a stigma of wide-eyed ravers, free love and counterculture pharmacological spirituality. But beyond its cultural legacy, MDMA offers a potent therapeutic tool for doctors and therapists -- if we can only unravel its mysteries. Join Robert and Christian for a look at past and current studies into the healing properties of this powerful substance.

Top 10 Mind Blowers: MDMA

Do you know all 10 of these mind-blowing MDMA/Ecstasy facts from our two-part episode on the subject?

MDMA: Pharmacological Ecstasy

Some of you have tried the ecstasy. Others have merely heard about the drug on a TV sitcom, or heard about it in a news report. Either way, MDMA's power resonates through our culture -- and sometimes it's hard to distinguish the truth form the misinformation. But what exactly is this psychoactive agent? Where does it come from and what sort of effect does it have on the human experience? Join Robert and Christian as they explore the origins and properties of MDMA.

Touching the Void: Psychedelics and Death

Can psychedelic drugs help prepare terminal patients for death? Can MDMA ease the pain of dying through the ultimate transcendent experience? In this episode, Julie and Robert discuss what some researchers believe may be the future of end-of-life care.

Ecstasy Drug to Fight Cancer

First invented in 1914 by a Mereck pharmaceutical researcher, MDMA or Ecstasy started out as a mere chemical catalyst. It sat on the shelf for decades till, in the 1970s, Dow Chemical employee rediscovered the drug and its powerful euphoric effects on the human mind. The early 1980s saw its therapeutic use by psychiatrists. But by 1985, the drug was outlawed in the United States.