Mad Science Hall of Shame

Mad Science Hall of Shame: Dr. Caligari

No, I don't mean the titular character from the legendary 1920 film, but rather his decedent from the 1989 midnight movie "Dr. Caligari." Let's talk about her bad neuroscience...

Requiem for a Mad Scientist: Dr. Arthur Arden

Now that "American Horror Story: Asylum" has come to an end, I feel I can mourn the loss of its most (and perhaps only) interesting character, Dr. Arthur Arden. Make no bones about it: I'm a mad scientist junkie. I like 'em well-acted and fully-rendered but I also enjoy 'em cardboard and portrayed by dudes with a single IMDB credit. So for me, Arden had a lot going for him -- and so did "Asylum" for that matter.

Monster of the Week: Dr. Edward Pretorius

As you'll remember from the film "From Beyond" (watch it on Hulu here), Dr. Edward Pretorius pioneered use of the Resonator, a device that expands human perceptions of reality via wave manipulation of the pineal gland. As the photo illustrates, things didn't work out all that well. Pretorius lost his corporal form and crossed over into an alternate dimension of amorphous hedonism. Mistakes were made. Brains were eaten. Things got a bit sticky.

Monster of the Week: Dr. Freudstein

The annals of mad science are full of great men who selflessly laid their bodies and minds on the alter of scientific research. They cut corners. They employed questionable logic in the pursuit of their grand dreams. But hey, at least they had the certitude to experiment on themselves rather than the crop of buxom teens imprisoned in their basement. Which leads us to our monster of the week: Dr. Jacob Freudstein.