Leechpunk: The Power of Leeches

The Power of Leeches: Are leeches mere bloodsucking parasites or do these creatures have a place in modern medicine? Plus learn about the very real 19th century invention that incorporated bottled leeches. Tune into this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind for all sorts of vein-tapping goodness. Image credit: Garry DeLong/Oxford Scientific/Getty

Latching on to Leeches

There are hundreds of different leech species, but they're all built for one thing: sucking blood. Join Allison and Robert as they take a closer look at the leech's adaptations, and the role these parasites may play in modern medicine.

Leechpunk Technology Never Quite Took Off

Have you checked your mechanical assembly of imprisoned leeches to see what tomorrow's weather forecast is? You haven't? Well, that's because the Tempest Prognosticator or "leech barometer" didn't really catch on in nineteenth century England.