The 2016 Ig Nobels: Pale Horses, Dead Flies and Quantified Bullroar

Each year, a magazine called The Annals of Improbable Research awards the Ig Nobel prizes to honor the weirdest and funniest scientific projects ever undertaken by humans. In this pair of Stuff to Blow Your Mind episodes, Robert, Joe and Christian discuss this year's winners. In part two, you’ll hear about profiles in lying, pale horses, automotive alchemy, the passion of a fly collector, and people who find profundity in meaningless statements.

Artatomical: 15th Century Horse Anatomy

Horses and Humans Share Facial Expressions

Genetic Breakthrough May Let You Saddle up a Zebra

Want to ride a zebra like Tanya Roberts in "Sheena, Queen of the Jungle?" Well, a little genetics stands in the way of that, and a team of scientists claim to have discovered the very genes responsible.