Chakram: Spinning Death in Myth, War & Physics

It’s easy to assume that spinning, ring-shaped blades are weapons best left to Hindu gods and TV warrior princesses. But long before humans invented the peaceful Aerobie, ancient Indian warriors unleashed spinning chakram against their enemies -- and Sikh warriors continued to use them in combat up into the 19th century. Join Robert and Christian as they explore the mythic power, military history and aerodynamics of this marvelous flying halo.

Too Sweet: Where Hinduism Meets Pro-Wrestling

Cosmic Canvas: Starships of The White Temple

Indian Astronomy and the Hindu Demon of Eclipse

Meet the Hindu eclipse demon who longs to eat the sun but was nice enough to bow to advancements in Indian astronomy.

Reincarnation Blues

The metaphysics of reincarnation are nothing short of enthralling, from the notion of an immortal soul drifting through myriad life forms to the intimidating Wheel of Samsara with its heavenly and hellish realms. Why does this version of immortality appeal to us? And what, if anything, can science tell us about the survival of the soul? Join Robert and Julie for a rich discussion on the reincarnation. Image source: Godong/Universal Images Group/Getty

Blow Your Mind: Yoga, Sex, Magic

Sure, you're no stranger to yoga, but how much do you know about its ancient origins in magical ritual and tantric sex?We recorded an entire episode about the science of yoga, but yoga's rich religious, sexual and magical history was just too fascinating to ignore.

Science and Religion: Two Shades of Why

Yesterday I blogged about Vatican astronomer Guy J. Consolmagno's thoughts on the relationship between science and religion -- and the conflict that sometimes emerges there. I thought the planetary scientists turned Jesuit brother presented a very positive, thought-provoking view on the matter. But in the interest of providing another take less rooted in Western monotheism, I thought we'd turn to Varadaraja V. Raman.