Art Spotlight: Dante and Virgil in Hell

Podcast Notes: The Science of Hell

Robert Lamb draws stuff to go with the "Science of Hell" episode.

The Science of Hell

The Science of Hell: Artists aren't alone in their fascination with Hell. Scientists two have long sought to breach the fiery gates and figure out just how it works. In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert and Julie explore scientific ponderings over the Dante's "Inferno" and Milton's "Paradise Lost" from modern mathematicians, meteorologists and even Galileo. Robert sketched THIS MAP to help you out with the weather stuff.

The Problem of Hell

Belief in Hell is problematic at best. How do we relate to our fellow human beings while sorting them into an imagined afterlife of torment? How do we relate to faiths and myths that heap such additional darkness on an already bleak world? In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert and Julie discuss the origins of belief in Hell, the philosophical problems it entails and just what sociologists and economists think about its effects on the real world.

The Threat of Ancient Mesopotamian Zombies

Robert ponders some ancient undead.

Hell as Workplace: Open Floor Plan or Cube Farm?

Robert discusses workplace office plans and the layout of Hell.

Hell is Here: The Gnostic Option

Robert ponders the Gnostic myth of Sophia, the Demiurge and the shadow universe we call home.

Red Snow is Falling Down (seriously)

Robert ponders red rains and Hell's weather.

Does belief in Hell actually work?

Does belief in Hell pay off? Find out in this article.

Seven Hells: An Incomplete Survey of the Afterlife

An afterlife of endless suffering? Let's discuss.