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Blow Your Mind: The Science of Haunted Houses

I love haunted houses, so I've been venturing out to Atlanta's Netherworld Haunted House for years now. Just check out the photo! That's vintage 2007 Robert Lamb interviewing a horrible abomination of science in an article for the Covington News Netherworld regularly ranks as one of the top haunted attractions in the United States, so Julie and I decided to cover the art and science of haunted houses for the podcast. We chatted with co-owner Ben Armstrong, who was awesome enough to share his wisdom and give Julie a behind-the-scenes tour of Netherworld's dark halls.

Science is Scary (Steampunk isn't)

Sure, steampunk makes for adorable costumes and some snazzy-looking gadgets, but is it really the stuff of haunted houses? Pittsburgh's ScareHouse seems to think so, but just when is science terrifying and when does it merely promise us jazzy retro bikes?