Ghouls: Myth, Fiction and... Evolutionary Heritage?

If your fictional diet contains significant quantities of horror or dark fantasy, then you've likely encountered the ghoul: a scavenging, grave-robbing race of unnatural beings with an insatiable hunger for the dead. As Robert and Joe explore in this episode, the roots of ghouldom sink back into pre-Islamic Arabic folklore -- as well into the distant evolutionary history of humanity itself.

Final Girls: Feminism, Slashers & Culture

The "final girl" trope has become a standard horror cinema convention, in which a single strong female character outruns, outsmarts and outstabs her murderous pursuer to stand victorious amid the slain. In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert and Christian explore the film roots, cultural resonance and symbolic power of the final girl.

The Halloween Costume Made Me Do It

What happens when we slip into a costume? Be it a monster pelt, a sexy witch or a simple children's ghost mask, a psychological transformation takes place. Join Robert and Christian for a fittingly seasonal look at enclothed cognition and deindividuation.

Halloween Mixes To Combat Decision Fatigue III

The Horror Movie Aphrodisiac

Are horror movies a sure-fire aphrodisiac? Does the haunted house really exit into the bed room? Join Robert and Julie as they examine the old scary movie seduction trope and look for the scientific connection between scares and sexual arousal.

Monster Mash: Mummies and Trolls

Monster Mash: Mummies and Trolls: Could real science possible explain a horror movie mummy's murderous escape from a museum or a troll's transformation into stone? In the same tradition as their gremlin and zombie episodes, Robert and Julie give it a try for this special Halloween edition of Stuff to Blow Your Mind.

Dr. Rubberfunk Talks Halloween Mixes and Music

UK musician and DJ Dr. Rubberfunk discusses Funky Halloween mixes and his signature soulful sound.

Chris Gladwin Discusses The Wyrding Module

Chris Gladwin, the man behind The Wyrding Module discusses the nature of uncanny music and his own approach to dark and surreal sounds.

The Science of Uncanny Music

The Science of Uncanny Music: Why is scary music so scary? Why does an uncanny tune creep us out so? Is it all context and culture or is there something deeper at work? Robert and Julie provide the answers and Christopher Gladwin of The Wyrding Module provides some unsettling tunes and a few answers of his own. Be sure to check out Robert's interview with Gladwin, as well as his roundup of uncanny musical tracks. Image: Ivan Bliznetsov/E+/Getty

Five Awesome Halloween Hip-Hop Videos

I'll keep this short and sweet. You love Halloween. You love a little hip-hop in your life. So here are a handful of suitably seasonal rap videos. The first one, brought to my attention by DJ Food via Twitter, is a fantastic A-Z collection of movie monsters by Mister Jason. It's a sweet jam and there's a LOT of legitimate monster love in it.