Monster of the Week: The Chinese Fox Spirit

Fox spirits or hulijing play a host of curious roles within Chinese folklore. Just as their appearance shifts from an ethereal, multi-tailed fox to a beautiful woman, so too does their very nature depend on your societal vantage point...

Animal Sexual Fluidity

Why do some species change sex and how to they carry out this remarkable transformation? This episode of the STBYM podcast takes you into a world of hermaphrodites, clownfish and the high-stakes game of reproduction in the animal kingdom.

In the Pink

From its modern gender connotations to its absence on the ROYGBIV electromagnetic spectrum, the color pink has a lot to answer for. Does staring into pink truly calm the savage beast and reduce physical strength, or is it a strong color of flayed flesh and blood? Find out in this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind.

What might an alien third gender consist of?

Rethinking Genitalia

Rethinking Genitalia: We're a culture obsessed with human bodies, gender and the morphological differences between male and female. But what happens when we consider gender reversal in nature, as well as the amazing sex-reversed cave insects of the Neotrogla genus? The females of these species boast a penis-like, sperm-collecting "gynosome," which fits perfectly inside the male's sperm-offering "phallosome." Listen to this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind and turn everything you know about gender on its head.

Blow Your Mind: Ladies Night on Earth and the Overview Effect

I want you to look into the future, a future where men are long extinct and an all-female race of super-short humans rule the earth beside their robotic physicians. Welcome to the Y chromosome apocalypse, gentlemen. Yes, we've got two exciting podcasts for you this week. In Ladies Night on Earth we discuss the inevitable extinction of males and ponder why. And since males are merely altered female why do we keep them around? Julie and I will discuss the advantages of sexual reproduction and, in a move that has been dubbed "epic man fail" on Twitter, I refuse to defend my own gender against charges that it mucked up the world. Am I right, ladies?

Ladies' Night on Planet Earth

James Brown said that "it's a man's world," but he may have changed his tune if he'd seen the recent studies on gender and evolution. In this podcast, Julie and Robert ask what makes a person male or female -- and why the days of males may be numbered.

Double-Sex Chickens Wow Scottish Scientists

Forgive the exploitative (and awesome) headline, but it's Friday and I feel like we all might need a good scientific tidbit to carry with us to our various dinner parties, hot dates, family meals or Xbox Live gaming sessions. Live your life how you see fit, people, just make sure you talk about gender-bending chickens. As covered by NPR (and published in Nature), Michael Clinton of the University of Edinburgh studies these amazing chickens, which are known in sciencey circles as "gynandromorphs." I kid you not: they're split right down the middle. One side looks like a rooster; the other side like a hen. Seriously, look at the photo.