fecal transplants

Fecal Transplants and You

What if you were suffering from a debilitating bacterial infection and you found out that pumping someone else's fecal matter into your rectum could vanquish it. Find out about fecal microbiota transfers and why we might one day seek out "artisanal" poop samples to cure what ails us.

Blow Your Mind: Fecal Transplants and Other Matter(s)

Ah, symbiosis. It's taking place everywhere, at this very moment. Consider: Trillions of bacteria are milling about in your gut, and they greatly outnumber your gut's own cells. If your gut were picking tonight's movie by quorum, the bacteria would win out. (Sorry to say that you'll be watching Dustin Hoffman in "Outbreak," once again.)

Symbiosis:  My So-Called Parasitic Life

In the process known as symbiosis, two organisms of different species exist in close physical contact to the benefit of both organisms. But how does that work? Listen in to learn more about the process of symbiosis, and how it can affect human beings. Plus learn all about fecal transplants and why they're promising, but not a good DIY option.