Anchor in the Mind

Anchoring bias is one of the most powerful and easily exploited vulnerabilities in the human mind. Throughout your life, people, companies and organizations will use it to influence your thoughts and control your behavior. In this episode of Stuff to Blow to Your Mind, Robert and Joe tell you what you need to know and to fight the anchor in your mind.

Chinese Zodiac: Superstition, Economics & Destiny

As we celebrate Chinese New Year and enter the year of the fire rooster, join Robert and Joe for an encore Stuff to Blow Your Mind exploration of the Chinese zodiac and some interesting studies related to its impact on birth rates, economics and individual destiny. As always, you can take astrology with a grain of salt, but the impact on human behavior and culture is undeniable.

Scalp Hunters and the Cobra Effect

In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert and Joe explore the perverse world of unintended consequences and the cobra effect.

The 2015 Ig Nobels: Unboiled Eggs & Urine Speed

Each year, the Ig Nobel prizes honor the weirdest and wackiest contributions to humanity's scientific understanding of the natural world. In this pair of Stuff to Blow Your Mind podcast episodes, Robert, Joe and Christian unpack each of this year's winners. In this episode, explore the wonders of unboiled eggs, urination speed, "huh" literature, police bribes and disastrous managers.

Future Shock: Part I

Future Shock: Back in 1970, Alvin Toffler's book "Future Shock" envisioned a future human civilization outpaced, overstimulated and mentally stunned by relentless technological and social change. Today, we live in the very future Toffler warned everyone about. How did his predictions hold up and how can we stave off the terrors of future shock? Find out in this two-part episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind.

Does belief in Hell actually work?

Does belief in Hell pay off? Find out in this article.

Keeping Kayfabe with guest Colt Cabana

Kayfabe, for those of your not in the know, is the traditional carny code of pro-wrestling. In short, you can boil it all down to "don't tell the fans how the magic works." Or you wax philosophic and see it as A "Complete example of the general process by which a wide class of important endeavors transition from failed reality to successful fakery." That quote comes from economist and mathematician Eric Weinstein and as soon as we read it, we knew the time for pro-wrestling episode was upon us.

Wrestling with Kayfabe (with guest Colt Cabana)

Wrestling with Kayfabe: Professional wrestling is somewhat of a cultural oddity, as it blurs the lines between reality, fiction, sport and theater. Join Robert, Julie and "Art of Wrestling" podcaster Colt Cabana as they lock up with wrestling's mind-twisting layers of fiction. Enjoy part II of this podcast, Undercover Actors and the Shadow Self. Image: French pro-wrestler L'Ange Blanc in Paris, 1959. (Lipnitzki/Roger Viollet/Getty )

Ig Nobel Prizes 2009: Panda Poop and Economy Wrecking

As you might have noticed, a few of us here at devoted a little blog time this week to run down this year's Ig Nobel Prizes, the absurdest cousin of the more prestigious awards. In this post, you'll find the links to the rest of the Ig Nobel blog entries from Josh, Chuck, Allison, Sarah and myself. But first, I thought I'd run through the two remaining winners.