Will California fall into the ocean?

Earthquakes are an inevitable part of living on Earth, and some places are far more prone to earthquakes than others. In this episode, Robert and Allison tackle the idea that California might sink into the ocean due to the San Andreas fault.

Slumbering Italians in Pescara experienced a rude shock around 3:30 a.m. when a magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck the town and surrounding areas in central Italy. At least 100 people have died and 10,000 homes were damaged, according to the LA Times. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is saying that the earthquake resulted from "normal faulting on a NW-SE oriented structure in the central Apennines," in its event summary. The USGS has a cool feature called "Did You Feel It?" where you can report your location and what you felt at the time of the earthquake. So far, more than 500 people have weighed in on this natural disaster. Individuals from as far away as Nuremberg, Germany (801 kilometers or 498 miles away) and double that distance in Nottingham, U.K. are reporting that, yes, in fact, they did feel weak shaking.