SFSL Podcast Roundup: Frozen Heads and Fine Wine

I don't know about where you are, but things have been pretty sweltering here in Atlanta. It's been so hot, in fact, that we decided to chill things off a bit with this week's podcast topics. First, how about a little cold, cold wine? And don't worry -- we're not going to hit you with the typical wine-making science. That stuff's all fascinating in its own right, but we decided to approach the topic from jazzier directions. In this podcast, you'll learn what to expect at a neuroscientist's wine tasting, what varieties of super wines come from Chinese laboratories and we'll even discuss a couple of wine-related mysteries that only science can solve.

Death on Ice

Is it possible to freeze a body and bring it back to life? Through cryonics, scientists preserve bodies at extremely low temperatures, hoping to revive them in the future, when advanced technology may prolong their lives. Tune in and learn more.