AI, Machine Learning and Human Creativity

Just as manufacturing automation cuts into human jobs, the prospect of creative artificial intelligence raises the specter of robot writers, robot artists and robot musicians who never sleep and always agree with their patron. But paranoia aside, where will creative machine learning take us? Robert and Christian discuss some possibilities in this episode of the Stuff to Blow Your Mind podcast.

Gaming the Flow

Join Robert and Julie as they explore what is to enter "the flow state," a place of both clarity and ecstasy that some say leads to ultimate contentment. So how do you achieve it and why are game designers so interested in it?

The War on Creativity

The War on Creativity: There's an entire industry dedicate to creativity and innovation. But do people - and corporations-really want to "think outside of the box." Is there an inherent bias against creativity? Image credit: Guillermo Legaria/AFP/Getty Images

Cluttered Desks, Cluttered Minds & Toddler Hands

Cluttered Desks, Cluttered Minds and Toddler Hands: Toddlers might not seem like scientists when they mash up a banana or throws noodles at the wall, but research reveals that messy hands often indicate a hungry mind.

Blow Your Mind: The Dark Side of Creativity

Where would we be without creative minds? They write our favorite books, compose our favorite songs and develop unique solutions to real-world problems. But is there a dark side?

Space Music: Pete Sasqwax talks Sci-Fu, Waxfactor and Samples

If you're game for a hip hop-fueled sci-fi excursion through a world of interstellar conflict and robotic super villainy, then the 2006 album "Sci-Fu" will get you definitely there. It's the creation of one Pete Gleadall AKA Pete Sasqwax AKA Waxfactor and as it's something of an under-appreciated sensation, I felt I needed to highlight it here. Even better, Pete took time away from his life of graphic design, music production and fiction writing to chat with me from his home in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK. You'll want some fitting background music for all this, so be sure to hit up for free downloads of "Sci-Fu" as well as a few EPs. Now let's get to the interview:

Invasive Advertising & Creative Brain Attack

It's been a crazy week so we're doing the roundup of new Stuff to Blow Your Mind episodes in a single post. First up, advertising! To quote Phillip J Fry, it's everywhere: "On TV and radio, and in magazines, and movies, and at ball games and on buses and milk cartons and t-shirts, and bananas and written on the sky." And you better believe its in your brain. In "Eat Popcorn. Eat Popcorn. Eat Popcorn," Julie and I will dive into the intrusive, high-tech mind-altering world of selling things to people.