Celebrate "The Powers of Ten" on 10/10/10

The 1977 short "Powers of Ten" continues to stand out as just one of the coolest educational films of all time. While our understanding of the micro and macro worlds has improved a little since it was made, the overall message about size and scope of our universe continues to stand the test of time. But don't take my word for it. You'll find the full video in this post. If this is your first time viewing "Powers of Ten," then you're in for a real mind-blowing treat. Hold onto your cerebral cortex, kids.

Space Music: Carl Sagan - "A Glorious Dawn"

In another installment of space music, I have to help spread the word about this marvelous audiovisual creation by John Boswell, AKA melodysheep of Color Pulse Music. What he's done here is take samples and footage from Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" and Stephen Hawking's "Universe" and mixed it all into a musical tribute. What might have come off as parody in the hands of a lesser artist really conveys a sense of cosmological awe and wonder.