Attention Schema Theory: Consciousness and God

Life is an enduring mystery. We're forced to unravel the mystery of human consciousness from within, while the enigma of cosmos bears down on us from beyond. We whisper the words "self" and even "god" to ground ourselves in an ocean of chaos, but what's it really all about? In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, explore Attention Schema Theory and what it has to say about evolution, consciousness and our notion of the divine.

Is God conscious? Is God aware?

Empathic Elephants

Empathic Elephants: The elephant is Earth's largest surviving land creature and an example of nature at its most majestic. But these amazing creatures also boast self awareness, a high intelligence and a startling capacity for empathy. Join Robert and Julie as they discuss humanity's troubled relationship with elephant kind. Image source: Neil Emmerson/Robert Harding World Imagery/Getty

The Science of HBO's 'True Detective'

Robert catches up on HBO's "True Detective" and ponders acid flashbacks, human consciousness and the nature of time.

The Mystery of Human Consciousness

What is consciousness? Can we test for it? And how to we rectify the seemingly disparate realities of physical brain and immaterial mind? In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert and Julie consider the hard problem of human consciousness and the philosophic warnings of the New Mysterians.

Is the human soul a bird, a chair or a teenager?

Robert blogs about the 1990 film "Soultaker," the mind-body problem and philosophy of the soul.

New Mysterianism and the Riddle of Consciousness

Robert blogs about the limits of human understanding. Read on, blow your mind.

Blow Your Mind: Undercover Actors and the Shadow Self

Method actors, wrestlers, undercover cops and online avatars all raise perplexing questions about the nature of self. What happens when we drape our lives in layers of fiction -- and what would we find buried beneath it all? In this episode, we discuss the place where cover and identity collide in the human mind. It's a topic we first raised in our "Wrestling With Kayfabe" episode -- so if you skipped that one because of the wrestling content, I urge you to give it a second chance.

Give the Gift of a Mystery Box

Give the Gift of a Mystery Box: Why are mystery packages so appealing? How do they improve our mental faculties and fuel our creativity? In this episode, Julie and Robert share tales of sealed envelopes, quantum thought experiments, virginity boxes and things Pandora should never have opened. You might even score a gift idea or two. To learn more about the illustration, visit Art Spotlight: Arthur Rackham's Pandora.

You're So Vain, Earthlings

How do individuals relate to reality? How has humanity attempted to interpret its position in the universe? From navel-gazing to the geocentric universe and beyond, the search for humanity's place has become a long -- and mind-blowing -- enterprise.