Christmas Mixes To Combat Decision Fatigue

What holiday coffee should I order? What gifts should I buy? What holiday treats should I bake? All those little choices add up, depleting your ego and leaving you incapable of tackling bigger problems in your life. It's called Decision fatigue and it sucks you dry. So just as I advised you on Halloween mixes to combat decision fatigue, I thought I'd dish out some Christmas choices as well.

Did Ebenezer Scrooge take a mountain of DMT?

Christmas is magic. Christmas is transformative. And since we're dropping two episodes on the psychedelics, science and shamanism the week of Dec. 25, I keep wondering if everyone's favorite holiday curmudgeon didn't smoke DMT on that fateful Christmas Eve. Because what happens in "A Christmas Carol?" Why, a self-centered old miser barricades himself in an empty house and experiences a ghostly visitation from a dead friend. Next, three outlandish spirit entities arrive and take him on a mind-rending journey through time and space. At the end of that journey, Scrooge re-engages the world with a profoundly increased sense of openness -- which brings us to DMT.

There's absolutely no denying that it's Christmas. Heck, it's apparently been Christmas for months here in Atlanta, where the MARTA train service pipes in horrific holiday music as if a high enough dosage will inoculate us against unknown ailments while we wait for the train. Meanwhile, there's extra snack food in the HSW break room, holiday celebrations abound and SOMETHING WEARING JINGLE BELLS moves around in the walls.

The Santa Claus Machine

The Santa Claus Machine: How does Santa Claus make so many gifts? Clearly his elves have harnessed the power of nanomanufacturing. But what does this mean for the planet? In this episode, Robert and Julie consider the possibilities of limitless custom manufacturing.

If two things in this life are certain, it's that owls love to puke up lumps of undigested prey and that children of all ages love to dissect the resulting pellet of vomit. Yep, there's your recipe for the greatest stocking stuffer ever. Each pellet contains a great deal of information about the bird's recent meal and overall diet. In fact, you'll often find entire rodent or bird skeletons inside.

Snowflakes are elegant examples of fleeting beauty, each a unique work on the verge of disappearance. But you already knew that, so let's do this white Christmas right and discuss snowflake-related Flash-based eye candy, fractals, serial killers, comic books, fantasy epics, solar cells, satellites, holiday cards and my parent's house. So grab a shovel (don't actually grab a shovel) and venture into this post for a handful of snowflake-related links, tidbits, news articles and distractions.

Wouldn't the scientist in your life love to find a Virgin Galactic ticket in his or her stocking? Failing that, how about a lower back tattoo of Carl Sagan juggling the planets? Let us help you with those last minute gift ideas.

In most accepted mythoi, Santa Claus is a being of at least supernatural whimsy, if not divine purpose. Seriously, in the MSTed Mexican classic "Santa Claus," he battles the devil, and in TerryPrachett's "Hogfather," the Discworld's own version of Kris Kringle helps ensure the sun comes up Christmas morning. Hey, he breaks natural laws and does it with a smile, so he must be magic, right?