What can Asian eyes teach WEIRD populations?

Fu Lu Shou: Three Stars in a Hotel Lobby

If you've ever found yourself an outsider in a Chinese restaurant or home, then you might well have wondered about three, ornate statues of bearded men -- especially since one of them has an enormous, bloated forehead. Who are they and what do they represent?

Shooting Down Earth's Surplus Suns

Robert ponders the myth of China's 10 suns and the notion of an Earth that serves two stars.

Wild Turtle Meat: No Longer on the Menu in Florida

While most of your electronics and clothing probably carry the label "Made in China," there's one export that the United States seems to specialize in: turtle meat. The Chinese appetite for turtles -- as well as a popular belief in the animals' medicinal power -- has led to a booming trade between the two countries, leaving conservationists concerned.

China Has a Cat with Wings

A quick scan of the news is often enough to confirm that we're living in the end times: melting ice caps, failing economies, nuclear weapons tests and celebrity gossip covering all four top spots on the Yahoo front page. But hey, if you're like me, you distract yourself with something else and get on with your life. Today, however, the news out of China is that they have a cat with wings.