The Future of Pain

Pain is a fundamental sensation. While it is by no means pleasant, it is certainly useful. In this podcast, Robert and Julie look at the newest scientific research and experimentation designed to exploit the biological responses to pain.

Evolutionary Hangover

Evolutionary Hangover: Vestigial traits are common in animals across the globe, but why? In this episode, Julie and Robert take a look at the genetic leftovers that lost their usefulness during evolution. Tune in to learn more about evolution, atavism and vestigial traits.

Altruism is Alive and Well

If a person helps someone else without receiving an award, then that person has committed an act of altruism. Or have they? In this episode, Robert and Allison explore the science behind altruism in humans and other animals.

Double-Sex Chickens Wow Scottish Scientists

Forgive the exploitative (and awesome) headline, but it's Friday and I feel like we all might need a good scientific tidbit to carry with us to our various dinner parties, hot dates, family meals or Xbox Live gaming sessions. Live your life how you see fit, people, just make sure you talk about gender-bending chickens. As covered by NPR (and published in Nature), Michael Clinton of the University of Edinburgh studies these amazing chickens, which are known in sciencey circles as "gynandromorphs." I kid you not: they're split right down the middle. One side looks like a rooster; the other side like a hen. Seriously, look at the photo.