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Monster of the Week: The Addiction Demon (AHS)

Smear Yourself in Bed Bug Pheromones

Indeed, what better way to ward off pesky bed bugs than to crush them up and coat yourself in their juices? It may sound like a tactic from a Guillermo del Toro film (seriously, he's used this in at least two separate films), but according to Discovery Channel News, it's actually the basis of a new tactic from entomologists at Ohio State University.

U.S. Declares War on Bed Bugs

We thought we'd defeated them during World War II -- driven them from our mattresses and couches with powerful pesticides. But bed bugs are making a comeback, and you won't just find them in squalid environments and cheap motels. Climate change, decreased use of powerful pesticides and increased international travel have brought them back to dorms, hospitals and even upscale hotels in various major cities.