Vampire Bats Will Bite You -- In the Amazon

One of my favorite tabloid headlines from the now-defunct Weekly World News was this: "Vegan Vampires Attack Trees." I can just see it -- a particularly menacing vegan vampire, perhaps draped in an organic cotton cloak (wool would be inappropriate, right?), lurching toward a helpless tree, preferably maple. But I'm here to discuss something nonvegan and decidedly bloody: the vampire bat.

There's a New Monkey in Town

Yes, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) announced a new monkey yesterday. While it's not the fabled Bigfoot or skunk ape that I know you all were clamoring for, it is a distinct Amazonian subspecies of saddleback tamarin. That's him in the illustration. Quite a handsome chap, yeah? He weighs in at less than 0.75 pounds and is only 9 inches tall.