Are alien greys just a memory of mom?

Robert Lamb blogs about alien greys and your mom.

The Science of 'Prometheus'

In this episode, Robert and Julie suit up and venture into the dark and Gigery heart of 'Prometheus.' They’ll examine the film’s futuristic science as well as some of its themes. And fear not! You’ll only encounter spoilers after the commercial break.

I was born in Memphis, Tennessee to Earthy parents. The same can't be said for Prince Mongo, another bizarre Southern icon in one of the South's weirder cities. I grew up with the legend of the man from the planet Zambodia and must have watched the following interview on VHS dozens of times. Enjoy:

This installment of Mind-Blowing Video is going to be all over the place, so BEAR WITH ME and for Carl's sake don't play them all at once. First up, let's hit the trailer for the best nature documentary you probably never saw. Why? Because when France's 1999 film "Microcosmos" traveled to the US, distributes went with this horrible promotion art instead of the original. Hey, "A Bug's Life" was doing big business, so why WOULDN'T you repackage the film with a cheesy shot of a mantis in shades?

Blow Your Mind: (Kick)astrobiology

Astrobiology is just a bunch of scientists trying to figure out what aliens look like, right? Wrong. In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Julie and I discuss how this exciting, multidisciplinary field of science asks essential questions not just about the cosmos, but about the history of life on Earth. Of course it's also about pondering the sorts of extremophile life that might exist in the strangest corners of our galaxy.

Blow Your Mind: Go on a Date with an Extraterrestrial

We'd all love to date an extraterrestrial. Yes, all of us. Whether your dream date is a furry blue Jeff Goldblum or simply a clothing-optional space vampire, it's certainly crossed your mind at some point. To misquote Arthur C. Clarke, "Either we are alone in the Universe or we might possibly meet hotties from another planet. Both are equally terrifying." Yes, terrifying. Because as Julie and I explore in this week's podcasts, humans bring a considerable amount of anthropomorphic baggage and plain old human drama to the table.

Will aliens destroy us?

In science fiction, aliens are usually either incredibly benevolent or incomprehensibly evil -- but how would real extraterrestrials behave? Learn more about aliens -- and why Stephen Hawking thinks they may destroy us -- in this podcast.