Wicker Men, Mock Kings and Ritualized Regicide

When you think about human sacrifice, you probably envision blood-soaked altars where the weak and defeated are massacred to a divine force. But what about situations where the most powerful member of a society, even a divine king, is sacrificed for the good of the people? Join Robert and Joe as they discuss literal, figurative and symbolic ritual regicide in human civilization.

Wicker Men, Mock Kings and Ritualized Regicide

Image Caption: Wicker man, 1st century AD, (1832). A large figure of a man, constructed from flexible sticks, being filled with people prior to being set on fire. Julius Caesar reported the Druids, the priests, teachers and judges of the Celts, making human sacrifice to their gods in this way, although there is little other evidence to suggest that such rituals actually took place. The Druids were suppressed by the Romans around 50 AD. (Photo by Ann Ronan Pictures/Print Collector/Getty Images)

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