The Science of Coincidence

What are we to make of coincidence? From the numerological cats cradles we weave around famous events to the curious ways human lives converge through time, coincidence seems to fly in the face of reason and even suggest the supernatural. In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert and Joe explore the synchronicity, statistics and psychology of coincidence.

The Science of Coincidence

Image Caption: "Oedipus and the Sphinx" by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1780-1867) illustrates Oedipus' meeting with the riddle master betwixt two horrifying coincidences: the unwitting murder of his estranged father on the road to Thebes and subsequent marriage to his mother. As Dr. Bernard D. Beitman explains in "Oedipus at the Cleft Way," the tragedy runs along a line of dark synchronicity. (Fine Art Images/Getty)

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